22 Dec 2009

detroit’s next generation of innovation.

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the first time i heard kyle hall was listening to alexander nut’s show on rinsefm. i think the track he played was “love for kyle mother fucking hall” or something like that. a couple weeks later i noticed resident advisor had done an article on him and that got me interested in what he was doing.

aside from making music, macking on girls, and hanging out with local techno legends, kyle has been investing time into starting up his own label imprint – wild oats. i’ve been in touch with kyle and he’s agreed to do a little q & a for our readers.

so. kyle, tell me…

T: how do you feel about living in detroit right now?

K: It feels cold here right now (laughs) freezn’ me buns off! Other than that its dope! I’m around a lot of cool artist here. I’ts pretty EZ livin’ – Just got my drivers license so I’m rolln’ all through the city. Quite a bit of cool stuff here.

T: how have you dealt with the pressure of being a young up and coming in a city that’s got so much rich musical history?

K: There’s really no pressure. I just do what I do and try to learn from the people who have been around here.

T: what are some of the records you’ve bought recently?

K: Recently I got Monty Luke’s Art Love and War on Planet E.

Simon Grey – Galactic Suite, It took me a while to like this record but It’s so good. It’s my feel good record of the month.

I got some old Karizma stuff the Basement Boys, just bought the New Omar S. with me and the 002 repress which has that bonus track that is freakn’ BAnanananananERs! Just got the New Dennif Ferrer Track ‘Hey hey’ The dub side is for me on that 12 “

Also got a special white label of the new Marcellus Pittman on Fit Sound. That record is so cool. It has a edit called ‘Illa 5 ella’ that’s like kind of an homage to Dilla.

how do you feel about Red the homeless g-funk beatboxer?

K: I watched that guy is pretty dope. I think he actually got signed. I like how he does the talk box thing with his voice its gives me chills (laughs). I think I tried that voice to pick up some bitches 1 day and it worked! U should try it. Just start singing to them in a talk box voice – hoes so stupid these days they’ll think you’re in Kahoots with T-pain….well at least it use to work until they put an auto-tune in Fruity loops.

T: i’ve recently moved to ontario and i’m about 2 hours away from detroit. when i make the trip down you’re gonna show me why detroit hustles harder right?

K: Yeah fosho. U come down for DEMF weekend it’s some cold ass Detroit dj’s you probably never heard of bangn’ it out at the after parties. Me and my friends GSHC will probably do a party somthn’ real oatsy and dirty, ya know?
That last party we did was in an old dirty loft located downtown in a place called The Eastern Market where all the slaughter houses are. It was called ORal Sex – That party was so bangn’ man, It was fine hoes all ova the walls….So that’s how we do. Here is the video Flier for it just to give an Idea of how we Gary Springs Hunting club roll!

kyle will be playing fabric london for the first time next month and i’m quite positive that it’s gonna be a massive debut. here is a video of him working with a friend in his basement studio. enjoy! myspace.com/kylehalldetroit

written by tonyharrow
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  1. nop3 says:

    sick stuff, its so nice to have an interview up!
    Kyle Hall is forsure a breath of fresh air!

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  3. timo says:

    Interesting interview and some very fresh beats!

  4. timic says:

    Great interview!!! Gj Tony!!!

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