02 Jun 2008

Exclusive: Nicolas Chenard

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This is something I wanted to post for a long time now. I’ve known Nicolas Chenard for a while now, and I know he produces sick techno tunes. since I’ve known him I was always fond of his music. I got to know him a while ago and I had a bunch of stuff to post from him. So beware, here you have an interview and a fresh baked exclusive track! (By the way, you might want to listen to his fresh new genius track at the bottom while reading.)


1. So, tell me Nicolas, before we get all serious, how’s life treating you?
Oh, thank you for asking me. Right now? I’m feeling ok, having a cup of ginseng tea and listening to some geekish c-64 video game music. Life? Listening to my music, you may understand how life treats me.

2. How and when did you get in touch with the electronic music scene?
I began composing music at the age of twelve (around 1990) using the great Amiga-500, a very limited computer with poor sampling and synthesis abilities, but it rocked at that time. I’m still using it as a matter of fact. Its used in “Do Not Educate” (contest).

But Lets go back in 1988. I was a ten-years-old pupil, acid house/garage house was breaking the ground, and i was living in a quit hot suburb. There teaching solfege wasn’t easy, so the teacher decided to change the school program and teach us about electronic music culture instead. We were listening to records such as S-Express, Confetti’s or Lil’Louis’French kiss (those were the House tracks that were on the radio at that time in France) or even Jean michelle jarre’s Revolution! Then she explained us how House music, Acid and New Beat was born, the way it was produced (samples, vocoders, samplers, sound synthesis and beat boxes).

Can u imagine you, as a kid, listening to you teacher saying: “… then this Belgian DJ put the 45 rpm records on 33 rpm, and the crowd loved the new track, without noticing the mistake… new beat was born”
Heaven in school? I dont’t know. But a door opened to the world of electronic music production, for sure!

3. What is your top 5 of great electronic artists?
Sorry, I don’t woship any god of music, there are so many great artists, famous or not. I can’t tell whether X or Y is my favorite. Each artist is different to others, each artist is unique. If not, they aren’t artists, but copies. But as a response to your question I would say the prototype of a top artist is an artist with his own sound, built on his personality and able to transmit feelings into seconds.

4. What do u like about playing live?
Having sex with hundreds of people at the same time! That’s how it feels! Haha, seriously, playing live allows you to work directly on your tracks, change it or even improvise, noticing on how the crowd reacts to it. In fact, that’s why it’s similar to sex: people in front of you feel your music, and you understand what to do to give them even more feelings. Its a real exchange between the artist and the crowd. In a bed such a behaviour would lead to an orgasm, on a party it leads to the birth of energy. The energy thats makes you move and shout. So, giving people energy is the best part of playing live, for me.

5. How did you end up with Absolut Freak (label)?
Thats simple, I’ll do it fast. Frederic was sent a techno track (Thriller Express) I produced years ago. This made us meet and create Absolut Freak Records.

6. Any rumors around you can tell us about?
I heard a cataclysm will occur and destroy about 75% of us in the next 15 years. Transmit this to 75 of our contacts in 15 minutes, or you won’t be in the 25% of survivors!!!

I also heard a rumor saying that producers believing their techno or house tracks could interest Chenard should get in touch with him. I don’t really know what that means, but hey! It’s just a rumor!

7. Tell me something about the Do Not Educate contest. Any information you wanna spreak about a release?
I was really surprised how remixers all around the planet had shown interest for the “Do Not Educate” remix contest. Lots of great and coherent remixes, really! This contest allowed very skilled (but still quite unknown) producers to get in touch with us, which was also the point of this remix contest. We had to find the killer remix (and we have it!), but also found new talented artists! And it worked, I’m currently on musical projects with some of them. About the release… I know by mails its highly wanted, it’s coming! keep an eye on it!!!

8. Name your two favourite tracks at this moment?
My first favorite track? the sound a modern common human is making on everyday’s life… Walking in the street or in public places, i’m listening to you. I’m listening how you’re having fun in supermarkets, stressing with your job and talking about very interesting thing such as the lastest reality tv show. Such an interesting music you make! Thank you people, you’re one of my first source of inspiration. Can’t you hear the techno kick-drum beating out conformism? I’m trying to.

So, anyway, at this moment, I would like to listen to:
Pink Floyd – Welcome to the machine
Polysics – Kaja kaja goo

Now i have to dive back into the musical production

Thank you and have a nice day!


So here’s the track. Notice its not for download as it is exclusive! Be sure to check out the Nicolas Chenard Myspace for more music!


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  1. timic says:

    I’m a huge fan from now on! Amazing interview m8!!! Nicolas is a genius. I love his comparisations, his view about playing live, the scene in general! AMEN! :)

  2. Bert says:

    lol timic:P agreed about the music, great melody in the track, this track can take you in the clouds:P


  3. Christelle says:

    Very proud of my brother! Tu devrais m’envoyer tous ces links.

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