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24 Jun 2011

Drop It: Dubstep edition

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Before I head out to enjoy the sun this weekend I decided to put together a little dubstep collection. This is a small list mostly influenced by my personal taste. Honestly I’ve never been a really huge fan of dubstep. However last couple of weeks my listening behaviour experienced a huge change. I started listening to such a wide range of music genres, I  simply couldn’t deny that I like tracks in every genre. More genres will reach phase02 soon! Now it’s dubstep, lets go!

We start of with a genious remix of an already genious track. Enjoy “Crave you” in the Adventure Club version.

Flight Facilities – Crave You (Adventure Club Remix)

How can I deny. These guys are everywhere! Nero and Skrillex, both on top of the dubstep foodchain, tearing this tack apart. You know I don’t dig the complete track though. I especially love the drops and the mellow piano parts where the incredible vocal rises magically above the dubstep’s rougness. A perfect balance.

Nero – Promises (Skrillex Remix)

Another track with an amazing balance of dirty bass and peaceful piano melodies supported by the amazing voice of Sia.

Sia – Breathe Me (Butch Clancy Remix)

And ending with Doctor P and Pretty Lights! I hope you enjoyed this collection. More drop it specials coming up. Have a nice weekend!

Doctor P – Neon

Kanye West – All Of The Lights (Pretty Lights Remix)

13 Dec 2010

Drop It 14

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The “Drop It” posts have been returned vaguely changed from a small break. The only difference is that I’ve actually took the time to turn soundcloud inside out to find some top quality tracks instead of waiting for you guys to send some tracks in. I haven’t received that much great stuff lately. The reason might be that I still have to add the new dropbox button in our sidebar. Anyway let’s get on with my new discoveries.

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15 Jul 2010

Drop It 13

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Via Hobogestapo

Time for a new load of tracks! Every day we receive tons of new things and trying to listen to everything is not that easy, but we try! Therefore, here’s a personal selection of the things we’ve recently received. Lot’s of variation so fun for everyone!
Let’s go downtempo first, shall we! Egotomb did a rework of Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy. It’s a couple of BPM’s faster now than the original and it creates a nice vibe! Really love this one!

Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (Egotomb Rework).mp3

Jordon Saxton has produced a couple of stunning dubstep tunes again. Be aware, ’cause your ears might explode while listening to this!

Groove Armada - Wont Kneel (JSaxton Remix).mp3

JSaxton - Game Over.mp3

Time for something completely different then! Moscow Youth Cult, based in Nottingham UK, produces tracks which they call “VHS pop”. In their e-mail they also referred to Four Tet, Fuck Buttons and Boards of Canada, having more or less the same style/sound. I was intrigued by that description so I listened to their latest album.. and yep it’s good! Really reminds a bit of obscure 70′s sci-fi films! They even have a track called Phase IV, so we really couldn’t ignore that ;) .

Moscow Youth Cult happiness machines 11 happiness machines.mp3

To finish, here’s the sickest track I’ve heard in a while! The guy calls himself Wondawulf, he’s from Budapest and he creates drumstep. Yep drumstep… take some drum&bass, add a bit of dubstep and there you have it.. moreover the following tune also has a bit of a jazzy feel.. take a listen, you’ll know what I mean! Also check out the video, hilarious! It’s a 320, let’s see if you guys dare to drop this one in public!

Wondawulf - Too Hot For Drumstep.mp3

08 Jul 2010

Drop It 12

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via Baubauhaus

I don’t know how it is where you live but here it is summer and the sun is shining hard. I’m leaving to France in couple days, gonna enjoy the  summer even more, far away from the internet.. I thought it’s good time to pop some new tracks out there. I’ve been getting tons of messages the past few days. I really can’t keep up with them. But here’s a selection of my personal favorites. I bet you dig them to.

We start of with a brand new production by Graphics. If you’re a frequent phase02 reader you should already know him. Read more here and get his Naked Mario Kart remix here. He’s truly a huge talent and still very very young.

Stinger – Pleasure (Graphics Remix)

Next I’d like to share this Ellie Goulding drum ‘n bass remix by Messed. I love it because it reminds me of beautiful sunset moments on the beach. Enjoy.

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Messed Remix)

Kinetica Records has released “Boys & Girls” by Drlkt Freddie. Here’s the Disco Damage remix. You can find additional remixes by DJ Wool, Killer on The Dancfloor and Sick Boy over at Beatport.

Drlkt Freddie – Boys & Girls (Disco Damage Remix)

Don Diablo has created a crazy mash up with probably his most successful track “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Seven Nation Army” by the White stripes. Just have to listen to believe it. It’s probably been launched in the blogosphere by tons of other sites already. But here it is anyway.

Don Diablo vs. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Daddy

I’d like to end with this relaxing sound by VeemanJanssen.

VeemanJanssen – Put The Flage On

I wish you all an amazing summer. Let me know what you think about the tunes and what ya plans are for the next few (hopefully) sunny months.

27 May 2010

Drop It 11

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By Jeremy Geddes

Today I decided to put up a new “Drop It” selection. You remember? This was originally created for all the tracks that reached our dropbox on soundcloud. Today it’s more about the whole collection of tracks that reached us in any way. We try to go through most of them, at least as many as possible and select the ones that could impress us the most. So here we go this is our 11th selection. If you’d like to make it in this post, just put it in our dropbox, send us an email or message on soundcloud or facebook and we’ll look into it. We don’t let our personal music taste influence our choice, we’ll try to select the tracks objectively. Here we go.

A new remix by Graphics has reached our dropbox! Again he managed to impress us with his production skills.

Picturehouse – Blackout Rolling ft. Mr ShaoDow (Graphics Remix)

The next track I’d like you to listen is one I discovered accidentally earlier this week. I was searching hypem for a cool track to make a little animation on. Suddenly I bounced on the following track. I’m not even sure about the complete name. But it rocks! Enjoy! For those who’re interested here’s the little animation I was talking about: Energize Case Study (vimeo)

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving Remix

For all retro game fans, more specifically Zelda, here’s a brand new track by BbobNRokstedy produced around the original 8-bit Zelda tunes and bleeps. For all DJs who’d like to surprise their crowd with some nostalgic gameboy sounds. This electro banger is a 320. Have fun!

BbobNRokstedy – Zelda 2.0

Next up is Owl Vision! From previous posts about this Swedish trash machine we know this is gonna be extremely hard and dirty. If that’s not enough he actually trashed up Toxic avenger this time. Oh boy…

The Toxic Avenger – Toxic Is Dead (Owl Vision Remix)

What about some dubstep and a catchy vocal? Here’s the answer: Zoe Leela remixed by The Unik and Tambour Battant. *explosion!

Zoe Leela – Destroy She Says (The Unik and Tambour Battant Remix)

To end with I have a house remix of the legendary Message In The Bottle by the Police. That’s right! I bet you all can’t wait to find out how that sounds like. Right?

The Police – Message In The Bottle (Thoko Bootleg Remix)

So far our 11th drop it post. As you can see all genres are welcome. We select the ones we like for whatever what reason. Enjoy!

17 Jan 2010

Drop It 10

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image found on 19plus

It’s been a while since we’ve featured tracks from our soundcloud dropbox. Darling Farah was the last one if I’m correct. So like the title says. This is a new Drop It edition with the most interesting tracks we’ve receibed in our dropbox. If you think you’ve got some really kickin tracks to share that you think we’d like. Just click the dropbox icon in the sidebar and follow some simple steps.

This time I’d like to share the best track first. No offence to the following tracks, but Monoline is the absolute dropbox winner in our opinion. This is truly a top quality bangin techno explosion. They have only one friend on myspace! You kiddin me? Go give these Dutch techno villains some cyberlove!

[audio:/0110/Monoline - Technical Failure (Mastered 2).mp3]
Monoline – Technical Failure

The second track that caught my attention is this Tipper Sticker Story Pt1 from the Swedish electronica band called Noisebud. Now go enjoy their deep grungy basslines… Be aware! Kids under 16 should keep their ears covered. We’re not responsible for the consequences.

Noisebud – Tipper Sticker Story Pt1

To end with I have this two interesting Fat and Ugly remixes. The first one is the electro tuned Couch Potato originally by Emma. The second one is the most interesting in my opinion. I actually don’t really like the track to be honest. I was just so incredible curious to know how a SoKo electro/house remix sounds like. And as I expected the only thing that’s left from the original are some vocal samples and once in a while some short guitar samples. And of course like you hear in most remixes of popular pop tracks, there’s this part in the remix where the original sound stays untouched and is used to build up a new electro burst. Haha! Love how all these clichés were applied in this remix. Keep it up Fat and Ugly! Enjoy!

[audio:/0110/Emma - Couch Potato (Fat and Ugly Remix).mp3]
Emma – Cough Potato (Fat and Ugly remix)

[audio:/0110/Soko - I kill her (Fat and Ugly Remix).mp3]
SoKo – I’ll Kill Her (Fat and Ugly Remix)

06 Sep 2009

Drop It 08

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Thanks to Tony we’ve just had an amazing August chart post. And now I’m here with a new selection of tracks in our 8th Drop It edition. A selection of tunes that found their way to our mailbox but didn’t make it to a feature post but are so worth to be shared. Enjoy Drop It 08!

[audio:/0909/Strictly Game (Kids At The Bar Remix).mp3]
Harlem Shakes – Strictly Game (Kids At The Bar Remix)
Harlem Shakes myspace / Kids At The Bar myspace

[audio:/0909/FUKKK OFFF feat. Corona - Rhythm of the Night (Dave Wrangler Remix).mp3]
Fukkk Offf ft. Corona – Rythm Of The Night ( Dave WranglerRemix)
Dave Wrangler myspace / Fukkk Offf myspace

[audio:/0909/Don Diablo - Get on the floor (ft. J-Rock and Big Ed).mp3]
Don Diablo – Get On The Floor (ft. J-Rock & Big Ed)
Don Diablo myspace

Udy – Real Hustle (II Tone Remix)
Download the complete EP here

Felix Cartal – Skeleton (Pance Party Remix)
Pance party website / Felix Cartal myspace