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09 Aug 2010

Dark, ruptured skies…

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England based Freedom mailed us a new production, called Ruptured Skies. Triphop meets dub you can say in this one. It has a very steady opening with obscure vocals and the sound of rain untill at one point a very deep sub bass kicks in (make sure you use a subwoofer). Reminds a bit of Massive Attack’s darkness at times! The perfect song to drive back in your car at night without your headlights on and just let your mind wander…

Freedom – Ruptured Skies

Freedom on Soundcloud

16 Feb 2010


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Design by Christian Calmer

Adrian Recordings has released Andreas Tilliander‘s new Ep a couple of days ago. For now it’s only available on 12″ vinyl. For those who want it digitally should wait till March the 1st to grab it on beatport.

For those who can’t remember Andreas from his earlier post on phase02. He’s a Swedisch dub techno master signed with Adrian Recordings, but also running his own label Repeatle. Andreas started back in 2001 with his debut album “Ljud” (2001) on the legendary electronica label Mille Plateaux.

Now enjoy the track “Medication” from his 4th release Showtime on Adrian Recordings.

Andreas Tilliander – Medication (buy vinyl now)

11 Jan 2010


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This is the 4th release in a on-going series of limited edition 12″s from the newly formed vinyl imprint of Watergate. You might recall the name of this infamous club located in Berlin that’s become internationally recognized for it’s exclusivity, and the high-profile people that frequent there. Watergate has hosted so many renowned artists and DJ’s that I’m not going to attempt to start listing them here; but this is really how it’s garnered it’s reputation as a international super club. This particular release seems to be out of stock on Juno, but there are still some German stockists carrying it. You can try or

The first track on this release is a nice subtle reworking of a tune off Martyn’s breath taking debut album “Great Lengths”. The rhythm has been reworked and simplified down to a hypnotic pulse, resonating against the syncopation of the bass – all while the trace elements of the original swirl and dip overhead. I’m quite pleased with what Sebo has done with the track, although it’s rather more a remix than an edit.

Martyn – Elden St. (Sebo K Watergate Edit)
[audio:2010/0110/Elden St (Sebo K Watergate Edit).mp3]

On the flip we’ve got a very smooth original track from Dop. The title of this track is a little cheeky considering how warm and sexy the vocals are, but I guess it’s a sort of juxtaposition and wordplay. The vocals in this track are brilliant. “It’s a cold earth” is almost whispered, repeated, and so short and few you might not realize how little there is to it.

Dop – Cold World (Original Mix)
[audio:2010/0110/02 Cold World.mp3]

Some aspects of Watergate maybe seem a bit pretentious for me, like the “no picture policy”, but it ensures no one will be exposed and scrutinized in any candid photo’s of them getting down ‘n dirty the night before. I guess this wouldn’t matter for regular folks, and I’ll admit, I don’t like having a camera being shoved in my face either; but they’ve got to do something to protect the dignity of their clientele I suppose. Maybe in the future I’ll have a chance to experience Watergate but for now I’m happily enjoying these fine recordings in the comfort of my own home.

07 Jan 2010

Poll 9

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Visual by davidop

A new year has started and traditional New Year’s resolutions get broken. I was wondering what New year’s resolutions the average phase02 reader makes. Please share with us in a comment. Here are a couple brand new JSaxton tunes in return. I think I’ve just posted the first Drum ‘n Bass track on phase02. More to come maybe … who knows.


  • I don't make New Year's resolutions! (69%, 38 Votes)
  • Gonna work on my New Year's resolutions! please share in a comment! (31%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 55

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[audio:/0110/Don't Panic Dear - Say Something (JSaxton Remix).mp3]
Don’t Panic Dear – Say Something (JSaxton Remix)

[audio:/0110/In My Life - JSaxton.mp3]
JSaxton – In My Life

19 Dec 2009

the secret song.

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did you know led zeppelin is one of the most sampled bands in american hip-hop? no? well, neither did i! we kind of slept on this one as it’s been out since early october, but the video is well worth the watch.
after dj spooky delves into some of the key concepts on this album you’l probably want to see the DVD. one of these concepts he briefly touches on is the interconnected nature of music, art, and economics. i haven’t quite wrapped my head around how the secret song is appropriated to “the invisible hand” but i guess i just didn’t pay enough attention in social studies as i was preoccupied skipping class and listening to MFDOOM.

04 Nov 2009


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Barmuda – Roll It Over (Original Mix) / A New Dawn & Roll It Over / Abzolut
[audio:1109/02 Roll It Over (Original Mix).mp3]

Ramadanman – Revenue (Untold Remix) / Revenue / 2nd Drop Records
[audio:/1109/02 Revenue - Untold Remix.mp3]

Intensive – Infinite Weekend (Original Mix) / Evolution / 3rd Wave Music
[audio:/1109/02 Infinite Weekend.mp3]

Sully – Phonebox (Original Mix)
/ Phonebox EP / Frijsfo Beats
[audio:1109/01 Phonebox.mp3]

Lützenkirchen – Ghost Me (Original Mix) / Ghost Me EP / Great Stuff Recordings
[audio:/1109/01 Ghost Me (Original Mix).mp3]

30 Oct 2009

food for thought.

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I’m feeling generous today so i’m gonna share some tracks i’ve been holding off on. This first one is from a generally unknown artist from the NY area. We exchanged a few words and to my understanding he’s still working in the creative process and wants to keep his energies there for now. “Svpreme Fiend” is the moniker used by this young new yorker and this track is the VIP, i haven’t heard the original myself.

Svpreme Fiend – Archer VIP
[audio:1009/Svpreme Fiend - Acher VIP.mp3]

This next one i got is from Slevarance. He’s got some jazzy instrument samples in the mix that sound amazingly authentic. I requested this track from him after i stumbled upon his soundcloud page. You can also check him out on myspace @

Slevarance – 1 Step Foward 2 Steps Back (Original Mix)
[audio:1009/1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back.mp3]
Everyone who enjoyed the Untold seamonkey remix, this one’s for you!

Untold – Luna (Original Mix)