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02 Dec 2011

Rediscover: Mumbai Science

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ХудожникИконописикони цениAs you may have noticed phase02 hasn’t been active as usual the past few months. I deeply apologize for that! The good news is I’ve got some plans for phase02. This might be the last post before huge changes will find place. However this is not a regular post. This is the first “rediscover” post in many to come. Every week I’ll search for a track that has been released for a couple months or even years and we totally forgot about or didn’t receive the attention it deserved. This week it’s a bit of both.

I want to show you an amazing remix by Mumbai Science, which got overshadowed by a very impressive release of Alex Gopher a couple months back. Enjoy!

Alex Gopher – Invasion (Mumbai Science Remix)

Invasion/Virages on beatport

05 Nov 2011

ZZT – Partys Over Earth

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On november 7, ZZT will be releasing their first ever album, called Partys over earth. Last week though they also released the track Partys over Los Angeles and a couple of remixes (Turbo 112). This is the Jon Convex version that reflects the vanguard of new-school UK-bass influenced techno.

ZZT – Partys Over Los Angeles (Jon Convex Remix)

Don’t forget to listen to the entire new ZZTalbum by the way!

PARTYS OVER EARTH is relentless, uncompromising Combat Funk. If the new ZZT were a drug, it would be DZZMT. Not the stuff some loser shaman huffs behind the village gas station, but a new-school cut of Freebase Free-Bass that tears out your central nervous system and forces it to dance with the hottest elf you’ve ever seen.

Don’t even try to “share” it. Save your generosity for when you’re reduced to eating Mayan Calendars to survive.

06 Oct 2011

5 years Basserk

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On the day this world lost an amazing mind, Basserk Records is celebrating their 5th anniversary.

After 5 years of Basserk we have met and released a lot of great artists and we wanted to find a way to put them all together, we think the Big Fat Zip does that perfectly. This compilation is made possible by 40 different artists who all give their music to you for nothing. If you like what they do, support them, buy their music (even if its not on Basserk), like them on social media, go see them play or just send them a message saying thanks.

Enjoy the music,

Basserk and all our artists.

Grab your copy of the Basserk Big Fat Zip. The ultimate Pistol Pop compilation.

20 Jul 2011


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Madeon, a young amazingly talented producer from France has recently hit the blogs with his recorded live performance where he mixes 39 pop tracks into one unqiue blend. Watch this 17-year-old kid work his skills. Everyone digging the French electro kind is gonna love what this kid “shakes out of his sleeves”.

Madeon – Pop Culture

Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)

Alphabeat – DJ (Madeon Remix)

14 Jul 2011

Nobody Beats The Drum – Poisson Vert

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The Poisson Vert EP has been released on june 24th on BMKLTSCH records, with remixes from Shameboy, Meneo and TWR72.

Video production by 100% Halal.

25 May 2011

Outlines – I cannot think

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Official soundtrack for the upcoming animation movie The Prodigies. I dig! What about you?

13 May 2011

Mumbai Science

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photograph by Sam Burford

It’s embarrassing that we’ve never posted any Mumbai Science on phase02 before. As a “proud Belgian music lover” it’s even more shameful I haven’t mentioned this Belgian electro duo. Since they signed under Lektroluv Records as Mumbia Science, their music experienced a huge change and gained a new unique touch. Recently they released a new remix on Goose’s new Synrise remix ep. A perfect occasion to present one of my favourite Belgian electro producers.

Goose – Synrise (Mumbai Science Remix) (Buy Synrise Remix Ep on Beatport)

Discover more music by Mumbai Science on Beatport.