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14 Jun 2010

Exclusive: Science

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Time for an exclusive new track here on Phase02! Science is a collaboration between Dennis Nesen and Maarten Dekort, two dubstep producers from Antwerp. I have been following these guys for a while because they really produce quality tracks. Now they also agreed to do a little interview for all you Phase02 readers out there.

Phase02: Ok guys, tell me, when did you start working together as Science? How did you meet?

M: We met in the end of 2007 when Dennis was still playing a lot of dnb and jungle. I think we had to play at the same party and he had just bought some of his first dubstep vinyls. When I started my set he came up to me and I think we even ended up playing some tracks together. So we swapped our e-mails, got in touch with each other afterwards and some months later we decided to start a dubstep project.
D: After we had some talks about this new sound that we were both feeling, he invited me to come over to a friend of his to play some tracks and have a beer.. We ended up producing. After the track was finished we played it at a party called Eclectix and it went down very well. From then on we started as Science.

Phase02: Have you always produced dubstep or also other genres?

M: Before I got into Dubstep, I was producing from time to time but never took it too seriously. I was making techno, dnb, even some breakcore… It’s horrible though when I listen to it now. I’ also used to make hip hop beats for some friends but those will probably never see the light of day. I try not to focus on making dubstep too much. It all depends on the mood I’m in when I sit down to make some music. Sometimes I just like to experiment with all kinds of BPM’s and then just see what happens. The other day I’ll just go for a straight Dubstep tune.
D: As a producer I started immediately with Dubstep. From time to time I’m making some house, drum&bass,… but I never finished one. Time is a big problem for me.

Phase02: Have you shared decks with famous artists yet?

D: We’ve been on the bill with pioneers like Mala, Coki, Loefah, Hatcha, Pinch, Headhunter, and many more. Which of course is always a pleasure!

Phase02: Cool! What do you think of the way dubstep is going these days? Is it becoming too mainstream?

M: Well I must admit most dubstep these days doesn’t really get me that much as when I first got into it. Still, there are a lot of producers that still make quality stuff and are consistent in what they do. And those producers are the ones we mainly play.
D: I think Dubstep becoming more mainstream isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s a sound that can easily be commercialized so I think it’s a natural progression. The only bad thing about it is that it’s just a certain side of dubstep that is gaining that mainstream attention.
M: Exactly:  the more aggy stuff that is made strictly to make people jump up on the dancefloor. Therefore more and more people that are new to the genre don’t know where the sound came from and how it all evolved in what it is today.

Phase02: Absolutely! Your myspace says: “Expect fast mixing while combining deep, menacing vibes with the more uplifting and energetic side of the genre.” However when I listen to your own productions, I often have the feeling that it sounds more calm (like bamboo dub), you feel there’s a difference between your live sets and your own productions?

M: Well as producers we are just making what we want to hear ourselfs when we go to a dubstep night, which is more layed-back most of the time. As DJ’s however we feel it’s also important to make people dance. We will never play a tune that we don’t like but variation in our opinion is  the key to a good set. That’s why we try to balance things out between deep and heavy stuff. On the other hand, we have been making some more dancefloor oriented beats ourselves. Check out “The Power of Fear”, which is coming out on Subway later this year.
D: Personally I think our productions are as varied as our DJ-sets. One of the latest tracks we’ve made is a garage tune, so we are creating and playing everything we like, and that’s going way further than Dubstep. Even to us every DJ-set is a surprise.

Phase02: I absolutely love “Bamboo Dub” by the way. Where did you guys got that flute sound from, samples?

M & D: Thanks man, always nice to hear. Except for some synth-shots we didn’t use any samples. If you’re referring to the flute thing, we played that ourself.

Phase02: Nice! Something else now. What are your top 5 dubstep tunes ever? Can we expect them during your own sets?

M: I always find it important to reflect some history in our sets. We want to let the crowd know were we came from musically as Djs (and human beings for that matter) and in what direction we are heading. That’s why we always try to play some tunes that in some way have done something for us or have touched us emotionally. So of course you can expect some classics. To put down a straight top 5 would be too hard, so I’ll just give 5 of my all time favorites in no order: Hijak – Babylon Timewarp, Loefah – Rufage, Mala – Blue Notez, Appleblim – Vansan and something that came out more recently: Emika – Double Edge (Pinch Remix), that tune kills me!

D: I really can’t give you a Top 5. Way too hard. I’ll give you some tracks/albums/… that really made a difference to me. For example ‘Punks’ by Juju. That was the first Dubstep record I bought in the beginning of 2007. I remember Grimelock dropping and rewinding this one at Dourfestival 2007. You should’ve seen my reaction. Digital Mystikz – Haunted and the flip ‘Anti War Dub’. Still going crazy when I hear this at a party. Distance’s ‘My Demons’ album with tracks like Night Vision, Traffic, and so on is definitely one I have to mention. Loefah – Horror Show and last but not least Saviour from Belgium! He made this studio mix in 2007 with only his own productions. Tracks like ‘Why’ ‘Sound of Luv”, “Stampede”,… I really liked every track in that mix!

Phase02: Why should we come and watch Science live?

D: Because we really play everything. We always try to adapt a little because every crowd is different. So if you come see us, there is a big chance you will hear something you like, even if your not completely into dubstep
M: Or because you’re feeling the tunes or you seen us before and you liked it.

Phase02: Final question: how would you describe the track counterbalance that we’ll also share with our readers?

M: Well of course it’s not something that will put dancefloors on fire, that’s for sure. When we made the track we just wanted to step away from the idea that all Dubstep has to be banging and hard hitting. We wanted to write a deep, dark, more musical piece of music so that’s exactly what we did. For me, the tune is like sitting in your room at night and having that feeling of being the only person on the planet.
D: haha, deep. But it’s true. I really enjoy this kind of music, even at a party. Although it has a mellow vibe, it makes me happy in a way. Close your eyes when listening to this one.

Phase02: Ok, I’ll do that for sure! Thanks a lot guys for the interview and best of luck for the future!

Right, you could already read how Science described Counterbalance themselves, now take a listen to this exclusive new tune here on Phase02!

Science - Counterbalance.mp3

17 May 2010

in the mix 003: Thomas Dockx

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It’s time for a new exclusive mix. This time from a local techno hero Thomas Dockx. He’s quite a young talent from around Antwerp deejaying his way to the top. Currently he’s very busy organizing his dance event project “Kazzino”. So I was lucky to get him to do an exclusive phase02 mix and make some time for a quick interview.

phase02: Hi Thomas! How are you doing? Tell a little more about yourself and how you started as a dj/producer?

Thomas: Hi Tim, I’m fine, just a little bit tired after a long weekend.. I am now seventeen years old and I’m playing music for almost six years. It all started very small at my room. I played a lot of different styles and there was no structure in my sets. A few months later I discovered the online music store Beatport. Thanks to beatport, I learned a lot of new dance music. My love for techno and minimal was born.

phase02: You’ve played at some quite amazing party events and clubnights. You’ve finished your 4th track. Ever considered to join a label?

Thomas: Maybe in the future .. Today I still prefer deejaying. The songs that I’ve made now are not finished yet. I have to add and modify details.

phase02: I’d describe your music choice and production as a subtle and simplistic part of the tech-house and techno genre? How would you describe your music?

Thomas: Yes indeed, I play deep house to techno, depending on my mood and the place where I’m playing. The search for new good music takes a lot of my time.

phase02: You’re also spinning with your friend Nicolas under the alias Flat Fish. How’s that project going? Do you prefer playing alone or with two? Is your track choice any different?

Thomas: The project is going well. Nicolas is one of my best friends, we’ve already been through a lot together. It’s fun playing together and have someone to fall back on. But I also enjoy playing alone. Usually I play slower and deeper.

phase02: Nice to hear that! How do you see yourself (or flat fish) as dj/producer in a couple years? Do you have any big plans?

Thomas: No big plans.. We are organizing parties in and around Antwerp. In a few weeks our concept Kazzino will take place in Cafe D’Anvers.

phase02: What’s your opinion on the today’s electronic music scene in general? Do you like the way the mainstream evolves?

Thomas: I don’t really know what to think about the music these days. Many people of my age listen to dubstep and electro. I don’t know why, but that music has never touched me.

Okay Thomas! Thanks a lot for this interview and most importantly the amazing dj set you’ve recorded for us.

Now enjoy Thomas Dockx’ exclusive phase02 mix presenting some of the best techno, minimal, tech and deep house in the scene. These 55minutes  is a must-have recording for everyone who appreciate some warm, deep and relaxing beats. Not to mention Thomas’ smooth mix style that finishing of this lovely mix.

Thomas Dockx – Phase02 In The Mix 003 (54:55) (myspace) (soundcloud)
Download here (mediafire)

04 Jan 2010

sines of the future.

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i’ve had the privileged opportunity to share some of my own thoughts with recording artist, dj, and formant records label owner, Leroy Bella aka SINES. you might recall the name from a track i posted a few months back in a little article i wrote called: future sounds of the underground.

this is a man of many faces, a jack-of-all trades sort. i’m really impressed at his ability to juggle all these different roles and still keep it tight and rolling. obviously this is no walk in the park, and i have much respect for people out there making an impression in the mold with their own cutters. what i’ve realized is true in the saying “the hardest way to make an easy living” is that it is the reality for many artists and musicians today. if you’re doing this to make money, or to be famous in the dj circuit, you’re in the wrong business.

Sines – Test One (Original Mix)
[audio:2010/0110/01 Test One (Original Mix).mp3] (buy)

Sines – Memories Are Here (Original Mix)
[audio:/0809/Memories Are Here.mp3] (buy)

more new releases available for purchase through boomkat.

T: what are your thoughts on ‘future garage’ and what does it mean to you?

L: The way I see the whole future garage thing is that it’s pretty much a whole new movement of garage and 2 step. Back in the days it was all about soulful RnB sounds, diva vocals, and the dark bass lines. Now it’s like a whole different twist up with out of this world synthesizers and crazy vocals. I love garage and all the new stuff that’s coming from it. Pretty much takes us into the now…the future.

T: yes, you’re right – we are living right here, right now. where garage used to be confined to london and perhaps even further restricted to certain communities, certain peoples, certain producers, etc. These limitations aren’t that imposing anymore. The cross pollination of music, culture, and advancements in technology, have re-defined all aspects of how people listen to, consume, and make music.

There certainly was a kind of “gel” that perhaps included a flagrant attitude and champagne bottles or whatever – but now we see these barriers completely broken with really different producers all around the world contributing to this music.

I don’t exactly agree on the name ‘Future garage’ personally, only because as time goes on it will certainly prove to sound dated; but at that time there will be new permutations, a new name, new producers, and so let’s not bother ourselves over what title fit’s the check box. it is such a square-minded way of thinking.

John the 3rd – Sexin (Sines 69 Ways Mix)
[audio:/2010/0110/John the 3rd-Sexin_Sines 69 ways mix_.mp3]

T: Where are you living right now?

L: I’m currently based in Houston, TX.

T: Do you feel detached from the UK scene, living out there? Obviously in light of what we’re discussing here it’s not necessary to be living in london to have exposure to this music, but anyone who really loves it obviously has a certain affinity to london.

L: Yeah, totally…But being around good electronic music for 10 years plus here in Texas has made it a lot easier to not feel that way. We have some very good artist here in Texas and 2010 will be a promising year for them.

T: what is the social atmosphere like in Houston? How are people there responding to your music on the dance floor?

L: There is a mixture of everything here in Houston. We have killed the dance in so many ways (laughs) good and bad. All the older “heads” who were into garage dig it. Some of the new ones too. Houston is a diverse city with many sounds. Some want that harder aggro stuff, and some want the chilled stuff. We mix it up every so often to try and match the right vibe.

T: let’s talk a bit about your record label. besides yourself, who else is involved with formant recordings?

L: Well basically it’s myself and the other half of Sines – Jae Swope (yes there are 2 of us) I handle more of the footwork while he pretty much scouts for artist. Then you have distribution which is handled by Z-Audio.

T: ah, i see! i knew there was a connection between formant and z. how about night audio?

L: We had a release on a various artists compilation EP that came out on Night Audio. The Submerse fellas and Kingthing run that label. Night Audio is still young but I’m sure they are set to blow in 2010. They got El-B next for release which should be wicked!

T: yeah i’ve been bugging kingthing about that el-b release for days! could you describe your a & r process, how do you decide what is right for your label?

L: Basically stuff that is fresh and new. I’m very keen on getting artist that are new faces to music. Someone that has alot of potential – for instance Hyetal from Bristol. His music is blowing up right now as we speak. There are so many artist out there that get overlooked.

T: why is bristol so damn radiant with seriously inspiring people? I’m a avid fan of portishead, and have also recently fell in love with the new King Midas Sound album. what is it about that place? radioactive drinking water? the air of inspiration floating in the ether? I can get quite romantic about Bristol. I recently heard hyetal featured on rob booth’s electronic exploration podcast. the mix he done was so on point i’m loving all his tunes right now!

L: Yeah man Bristol is something else. Its like the mecca of the UK. Dave (Hyetal) is such a great producer. I hope to be able to work with him again in the future.

T: can you touch on what you’ve got lined up in 2010?

L: In January we have XI from Toronto set to release his 2 new lush tracks Light Fm bw Glass. You can check them out here:
(our readers got the glass promo exclusive before the drop!)

Then in Feburary through March we will have a release for Daega Sound System from Vancouver. These 2 brothers are the ones to watch next year. You can check them at

Afterwards we have a Various EP planned with 3 tracks from artists: HxdB, Phaeleh, and Psychonaught. After that vvv’s joins Formant and it will be big! I have a few more tricks up my sleeves…For now, you can check out their tunes on myspace.

Thank you Bella for your time and big up Formant in 2010!

22 Dec 2009

detroit’s next generation of innovation.

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the first time i heard kyle hall was listening to alexander nut’s show on rinsefm. i think the track he played was “love for kyle mother fucking hall” or something like that. a couple weeks later i noticed resident advisor had done an article on him and that got me interested in what he was doing.

aside from making music, macking on girls, and hanging out with local techno legends, kyle has been investing time into starting up his own label imprint – wild oats. i’ve been in touch with kyle and he’s agreed to do a little q & a for our readers.

so. kyle, tell me…

T: how do you feel about living in detroit right now?

K: It feels cold here right now (laughs) freezn’ me buns off! Other than that its dope! I’m around a lot of cool artist here. I’ts pretty EZ livin’ – Just got my drivers license so I’m rolln’ all through the city. Quite a bit of cool stuff here.

T: how have you dealt with the pressure of being a young up and coming in a city that’s got so much rich musical history?

K: There’s really no pressure. I just do what I do and try to learn from the people who have been around here.

T: what are some of the records you’ve bought recently?

K: Recently I got Monty Luke’s Art Love and War on Planet E.

Simon Grey – Galactic Suite, It took me a while to like this record but It’s so good. It’s my feel good record of the month.

I got some old Karizma stuff the Basement Boys, just bought the New Omar S. with me and the 002 repress which has that bonus track that is freakn’ BAnanananananERs! Just got the New Dennif Ferrer Track ‘Hey hey’ The dub side is for me on that 12 “

Also got a special white label of the new Marcellus Pittman on Fit Sound. That record is so cool. It has a edit called ‘Illa 5 ella’ that’s like kind of an homage to Dilla.

how do you feel about Red the homeless g-funk beatboxer?

K: I watched that guy is pretty dope. I think he actually got signed. I like how he does the talk box thing with his voice its gives me chills (laughs). I think I tried that voice to pick up some bitches 1 day and it worked! U should try it. Just start singing to them in a talk box voice – hoes so stupid these days they’ll think you’re in Kahoots with T-pain….well at least it use to work until they put an auto-tune in Fruity loops.

T: i’ve recently moved to ontario and i’m about 2 hours away from detroit. when i make the trip down you’re gonna show me why detroit hustles harder right?

K: Yeah fosho. U come down for DEMF weekend it’s some cold ass Detroit dj’s you probably never heard of bangn’ it out at the after parties. Me and my friends GSHC will probably do a party somthn’ real oatsy and dirty, ya know?
That last party we did was in an old dirty loft located downtown in a place called The Eastern Market where all the slaughter houses are. It was called ORal Sex – That party was so bangn’ man, It was fine hoes all ova the walls….So that’s how we do. Here is the video Flier for it just to give an Idea of how we Gary Springs Hunting club roll!

kyle will be playing fabric london for the first time next month and i’m quite positive that it’s gonna be a massive debut. here is a video of him working with a friend in his basement studio. enjoy!

17 Feb 2009

Interview with Freak You

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I’m very proud to present our first interview of 2009. As you can see I’ve had the chance to try to shoot some interesting questions to one very special French artist, making music under the name Freak You. First of all I want to thank him for taking the time to answer these questions. Thanks Freak You!!! You’re awesome!

Here we go:

Hi Mr. Freak You! First of all I’m really curious how you got in this electronic music scene? Why you decided to start making music? What’s your history?

Hi, since I was a child I was very attentive to radio music and to what my parents listened. My father is an audiophile; he was a real geek on sound system stuff at home. It was usual to find a new machine in the living room. I had a big tantrum to my parents for having piano lessons, guitar lessons; Indeed, I was a “pain in the ass” child!!
So when the first dance music appeared, I knew that music will be more and more present in the future. I had my hip hop time like everyone, I started to make some awful tunes and I was totally into it, craaap!!! A good friend who has a good vinyl underground shop gave me some materials and I bought my first turntable. I discovered Aphex Twin, Vitalic, Squarepusher, and D’Arcangelo … and I thought “wouaw! That’s the real music, so personal, creative, really not old and overage.
My love with the clubbing and this kind of IDM/Breakdance/electro forced me to try something between these two different styles. I tried but I finally chose the dancefloor.

I’ve been reading your myspace and in a small bio. It said you own your record label “On The Fruit“, producing kick-ass electro music of course and also you apparently run your own wine shop. How do you manage to do all this?

It’s complicate yeah, but I’m such an hyperactive person, I can’t stay one minute and doing nothing but now the label job is growing everyday and I’m searching for solutions to easily grow On the Fruit, now I have some people who are helping me. The wine shop is my real job in the real life and incredible too, sometimes working in wine stuff is quite similar to making music.

Is it true your mood kind of influences your melodies when producing your music? Because that’s what I hear when I listen to your music. I can recognize a certain mood/emotion in your melody and sound. Is that something you think about?

Yeah definitely that’s why it’s difficult for me to find my own sound, I can do a track today but for sure the next one can be very different, faster or slowly. I’m really happy that a lot of people recognize it in my music, because when I made my tracks I just do it and when it’s finished, I can know how I felt at this moment.

I couldn’t find any gigs you’ve planned? Do you play? If not, have you ever considerate to play?

Oh I played on some several parties but I took a break. The label and the wine shop give me some amazing stuff, but I have some demands in many different places. I need one year to organize all this crazy hobbies and I’ll start a tour. Can’t wait !!!!!!!

I can’t wait either!

You’ve done a couple of really nice remixes lately. Any exciting plans coming up we should know about?

Yeah I love making remix because I consider it like a gift for the remixed artists, it’s not having something more or improving the original track, in fact I love taking just the voice and restart the track like I never heard the original one before. I’m working with DIGITALFOXLOVE in this moment; it’s not a remix, more a featuring. I love this artist, he’s very nice and he knows using sounds!!!

I totally get what you mean! I’ve had comments of people talking about someone ruining the original track by remixing it. While I think the remixer has made a completely different track around a certain sound or vocal. Which can be really interesting to see how the remixer interpretes the original track. Thanks! I’m glad you think the same way.

Can you describe how your iPod tracklist looks like? What do you like listening in your spare time (if you have spare time at all)?

My track list is huge but I have favourites:
Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn
Symbolone – Love juice (Moulinex remix)
Board of Canada -Roygbiv
Sebastien Tellier -Divine (danger remix)
OCHRE -midsummer nice on a dream
D’Arcangelo -Diagram
Lifelike -Adventure
And of course all the On the fruit rooster!!!!!

Something completely different… How do you think the blogworld regarding promotion or creation have found their effect on the electronic music scene?

The big question… some people and artists are mad with this new mood, but I’m totally into it. We all know we’re never rich with the download business, and the blogworld is a very good way to discover new artists.
Example I discovered Le Castel Vania recently, they are so much good artists, famous or not famous, I can’t stay on Google or on myspace everyday and searching them. Blogs do that for us, thanks!!!
And when I want to play a track I download it on Beatport, it’s definitely the best quality to play, I can’t imagine some DJ playing 128k MP3 !!! It’s a crime for ears!!!!

Anything else you’d like to share with our dear readers? Maybe your favourite type of wine?

Yeah of course, the wine I like are the natural and organic ones, I try everyday to eat and drink good foods and good wines, I don’t want to die young!!! We will see in 30/40 years!! 50 % will regret their life and what they ate everyday, for sure!!
My favourite wine is:

AOC Côte du Rhône
Domaine Gramenon
“La Mémée” 2001

That’s the real life and the real good stuff!!!!!

Oh, and the track I give you will be on my future EP with 3/4 others, this one is very personal and is definitely an emotionally one for me.

Thanks a lot! I’m in love with it already! Wonderful sound, really emotional indeed. Now give him some love guys!

[audio:/0209/Freak You - Ballad For a Diskjockey.mp3]
Freak You – Ballad For A Diskjockey

05 Aug 2008


5 Comments Interview

Hi everyone! I was at my work the other day and I was chatting with Nicolas from the Beatbouncers a new belgian electro duo with great ambition, motivation and of course… tunes! So I thought lets have an interview and share their music with you. And I have to say, it was really fun! Enjoy!


PHASE02: How did you guys meet?

Well, we both had this Noxa-profile, you know. Something like MySpace but then smaller. Anyway so we meet and started talking and it turned out our music taste is like 99% equal. So we were online friends and apart from our taste we also had this one ‘dream’ in common. Create our own music and get them dancing. So we decide to experiment and try some stuff and there was the spark! The spark that flame on the idea of starting our own project. And Beatbouncers was born!

PHASE02: Why “Beatbouncers”?

We were searching for something strong, something powerful. Our first idea was Beatmunchers, but that just didn’t sound right. Then somehow we came up with Beatbouncers and it just perfectly describes our music. We really love hard banging beats and we couldn’t find a word that describes our music (or the music that we still were going to make) better as with the word “bouncy”.

PHASE02: Bouncy? That’s pretty abstract. Can you try to describe the music you’re aiming for a little more?

We’re still in search for our own style. I mean we just started. We’re still in an experimental phase. But I can say we’re evolving in the ‘fidget’ direction. You know… Get people totally crazy, almost fainting by hearing our climax, hands going up and down … Completely LOSGEHEN!!! That’s how we see it. That’s what we’re aiming for!

PHASE02: Fidget House for the win! Influences?

In the first place I have to say Daft Punk of course. But the guys who really have an enormous influence on our music today are definitely the Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Fake Blood and Sinden. Add a little of Kelevra, Lee Mortimer and Don Rimini and you get an awesome mix of what Beatbouncers is at the moment.

PHASE02: Wow?! You have the balls the call yourself a mix of Don & Lee. No waving hands and moving feet but spontaneous ejac*lation I would call it.

We’ll make sure enough Kleenex will be available!

PHASE02: Haha, okay I swear I would have left out the sexual colored comment, considering our last interview with Dead Disco Drivers that went the same direction, till you came up with that brilliant suggestion!

PHASE02: Are you guys in search for a label?

As you’ve noticed it all started as an experiment and having fun etc…But after the extemely positive reactions of Shake Ya Shimmy we decided to start taking it more seriously. And indeed we’re in search for a label for in the future and of course new gigs are always welcome. We already applied for the new Basserk Cd!

PHASE02: Good luck with that! I was wondering … I recently designed you guys a poster/flyer/ticket for the  F*ck The Klishé party with Proxy, Sound Of Stereo, Geht’s Noch? and Beatbouncers on the line-up. Is that also a project of Beatbouncers or something completely different?

That’s a different project. But I might quit F*ck The Klishé since Beatbouncers is getting more seriously and also taking more spare time.

PHASE02: I see but you’re playing there anyway. And with all these incredible nice names … Any idea to warm up the crowd yet?

We definitely going to try our own tracks on them. But Mostly of our set is improvised. But we have to admit we always love to add some oldskool hiphop or rave in our set.

PHASE02: Nice. I’ll be there and I’m pretty curious and definitely looking forward! Anything more you’d like to add?

To avoid sticky liquids in your pants, go get your kleenex before the gig starts!

Didn’t see that one coming!

Special thanks to Jef and Nicalos aka Beatbouncers for having this nice little interview with me.

Make sure you check out their tracks and if you have the chance you should come to F*ck The Klishé – 26/09/08 with Proxy, Sound Of Stereo, Geht’s Noch? ft Lektravaganza and of course Beatbouncers.

Beatbouncers – Shake Ya Shimmy

Beatbouncers – Bust A New Jam

22 Jul 2008

Dead Disco Drivers

7 Comments Interview

As I promised. More interviews will come. And here you are, the first one has already arrived! I had the chance to interview Jeroen who forms together with his friend Simon, the Dead Disco Drivers. They’re 19 and 18 years of age and both live in Kortrijk, Belgium. Enjoy the interview and don’t forget to check out two of their tracks.


1. So guys! To start off with an original question Tell me. How did you get in the electronic music scene? And how did you get into it together?

Well that second question is quite easy. We are neighbours, we went to the same school, we’re friends and during these years we developed the same taste for music. Simon grew up in a very musical family. Together we took our first steps in the music world. I did piano lessons for 4 years, Simon did 11 or 12, I’m not sure. Anyway you can say we have a musical background. right?

While I quited doing piano, Simon kept improving his skills with keyboards, pianos and such. And I started experimenting with DJing about 2 years ago. Now one year back we both really fell in love with electro/techno and … what you think? Dead Disco Drivers was born. Then with support from friends it didn’t take long before we made our first track.

2. So … you have already done some small gigs I suppose?

Yeah! Small… like 200 people or something. We’re not so big yet.

3. You will! So I think I can ask this. What do you guys personally love about playing for a crowd?

Hands going up and down! OOOORGASME!

4. For sure! And you guys get an orgasme from whom?

Dude! Carmen Electra!!!

5. Understandable! But I mean who’re you guys’ big idols?

Wow, that’s a big list. But of course … Daft Punk! Their synths, their way to build up a song … they’re just so unique live … their creativity … I mean there’re not many who can bring up their live performance to that level … if there are.

But we’ve got like 1000s of idols. Vitalic, Boys Noize, Justice, Surkin, Crookers, Bloody Beetroots, Brodinski, shameboy, The Subs, Soulwax and  of course Goose (They’re also from Kortrijk)!

6. This might be a hard question for new djs/producers like you guys. But who would be for Dead Disco Drivers the ‘perfect match’ to produce a track with?

Yeah, that’s pretty hard to tell. If I really need to choose I would say … MSTRKRFT. Simon says … haha … okay Simon thinks Shameboy would be a perfect match. We’d WANT to be a perfect match with so many artists.

7. One night with a willing Carmen Electra or playing with along side Daft Punk?

Playing with Daft Punk in the famous piramid in Paris while Carmen is giving a blowj*b!!!


Beatiful end!

Thanks for the interview guys! I wish you the best of luck for your further music career! Hope to see you on a gig soon!

Dead Disco Drivers – Disco Is Dead

Dead Disco Drivers – Metric Dance

Michael Jackson – Thriller (Dead Disco Drivers remake)