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21 Nov 2011

Ellie Goulding – Lights

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Interactive studio HelloEnjoy has built a mind-blowing 3D interactive music video for Ellie Goulding’s song ‘Lights’. Good job HelloEnjoy and Ellie Goulding, this is what I want to see more in music videos in the future. Take a look and experience Ellie Goulding’s ‘Lights’ like you’ve never experienced a music video before.

Ellie Goulding – Lights – Interactive experience using webGL

More info about the production here.

21 Oct 2011

TKOL 1234567

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TKOL RMX 1234567, the remix album of Radiohead’s latest work, The king of limbs, has been out in Europe for a week now. I noticed that lot’s of people criticised it and, well,  lot’s of you out there have the opinion that remix albums can’t outshine the original and I agree… in most cases, that is, cause this is something completely different! Artists like Caribou, Nathan Fake, Jacques Greene, Four Tet, Blawan, Modeselektor, Jamie XX and SBTRKT have all given their own interpretation of the tracks of the album. The result: a superb mix of reconstructed Radiohead DNA thrown into a new form with respect to the original feel. Of course, some are going to say that a lot sounds impersonal and that the hype associated with these names is overrated. I say: yes, you have a point – somewhere – but you still got to admit you’ll find at least one track on this album that you’re going to like.
Check out the remix by Modeselektor. It’s best to describe it as a weirdo-ish kind of techno…
Buy the album here.

Radiohead – Good Evening Mrs Magpie (Modeselektor RMX)


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16 Nov 2010

Skyence – INSCT (Project Mooncircle, 2011)

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Have a look at this interesting video about a new Skyence track, called INSCT! It’s actually a preview but it already sounds great.. The animation, done by Johannes Timpernagel, also matches the track perfectly!  The release should be somewhere next year and it’s coming out on German label Project Mooncircle. Keep this in mind…

02 Nov 2010


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I’m getting more and more impressed these days by Canadian producer/artist Dan Snaith a.k.a. Caribou. I think it’s the diversity in his music that I appreciate so much because every time I check a new Caribou track, it seems to be able to take me by surprise. In the end,  isn’t that one of the main things we expect from music..  isn’t it “supposed” to be fresh, innovative and inspiring? Well.. those are exactly the elements that Caribou is able to put into his music! Moreover, his eclectic live shows are known  for the use of simultaneous drummers and a synchronized visual live band, so live he also tries to transfer his vibe to the crowd… Try to describe the genre I hear you ask? Well I tried that but it’s hard. I think the definition given by Washington Post journalist David Malitz would fit quite ok here: “a combination of kaleidoscopic, psychedelic pop explorations with a more electronic, beat-driven sound that’s as much about getting feet moving as heads spinning”. A couple of weeks back, Caribou did a remix of Four Tet’s Angel Echoes. Adding some bass and glitches this is only an echo of the original and  it’s also a perfect example of how Caribou’s music is able to take you on a musical exploration trip. Check it!

Four Tet – Angel Echoes (Caribou remix)

Caribou is currently doing a fall tour in Europe together with the likes of Four Tet, James Holden, Nathan Fake, Junip, Beach House and others.. Be sure to quickly check out the tour dates, because  a lot of giggs are already sold out (e.g. Brussels, nov 27).
Buy Caribou’s latest album “Swim” HERE.

08 Oct 2010

Chromeo – Don’t Walk Away

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Before we head back to heavy beats and loud roaring basslines dream away on Chromeo‘s live session of Don’t Walk Away. Presents: Chromeo “Don’t Walk Away” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

08 Oct 2010


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by Kazimira Malevich via Fubiz

About three weeks back I received this amazing tune from the guys over at Pelski to promote their new Pelski Night. I bet it must have been awesome. Obviously I totally missed their mail and my promotion comes way too late. It’s not gonna stop me to promote this track though. It’s a ‘relative’ new tune by Pariah‘s highly acclaimed second EP on R&S, ‘Safehouses’. It made me realize I really should visit Pelski more often. They’re posting up amazing mp3′s and it’s truly one of the best music blogs out there.

Now head over there, give Pelski some love and of course enjoy this new track by Pariah, proven to be a true talent. He’ll convince you with this track anyway.

Pariah – Prism (Buy it Here)

20 Sep 2010

Exclusive: new Syndaesia track!

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Syndaesia, a.k.a. Niels Craenen, is making quite a name for himself these days. It started more or less last year when he won Studio Brussel’s producers contest with the dubstep anthem Bad Karma. He also made a remix for the album “Wu Tang meets Indie culture VOL 2: Enter the dubstep” and signed record deals with american labels Code of Arms records & Abducted records. Just recently he released his first album called Turbulence and I must say that it sounds really really good! There’s a lot of mediocre dubstep floating around these days but on this album you get a brilliant mix of wicked distorted basslines, often with Prodigy influences, and the more melodic and relaxing vibes. Besides Syndaesia, Niels is also the official guitarist for Belgian electronics collective Addicted Kru Sound (AKS) and he will also co-produce their upcoming singles. If you haven’t seen AKS, one word pretty much sums them up: energy! I saw them on Pukkelpop festival and the crowd  just went insane the whole time! Actually this also counts for Syndaesia, the energy coming from his music can really push you into a state of madness!

Now, we’re proud to be the first to present to you Syndaesia’s latest track, called Blackmail! Enjoy!

Syndaesia – Blackmail

Buy Turbulence right HERE or HERE.
More Syndaesia tracks on Beatport.
Syndaesia on Facebook.

Oh yes, to give you an idea how the Addicted Kru Sound gigs work, have a look at this vid brought to you by AOOA TV.

AKS ft. SELAH SUE from An Overdose Of Awesomeness on Vimeo.