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03 Aug 2010

Back on track

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I know It’s been way too long! I apologize for my inactivity lately. Let me make it up to you with a bunch of new amazing tracks. Due my absence I’ve received tons of mp3s in my mailbox. So we better get started.

Due the success of The Knocks‘ new release “Make It Better”, they decided to give away a free remix package. Here are some of my personal favorites. You can get them all on their soundcloud page.

The Knocks – Make It Better (DOM Remix)

The Knocks – Make It Better (Monsieur Adi Remix)

The Knocks – Make It Better (Samuel Remix)

Now for those who like it hard. I’ve got a JSK remix of Steve Angelo’s “Knas”. Turn up the volume! You like it or not…

Steve Angello – Knas (JSK ‘shake your ass’ Bootleg)

Oh we can go even dirtier! Enjoy Mashed Paper Klub and Wazabi. Let the intro continue, trust me, if you like it trashed, this is what you need to hear.

Mashed Paper Klub – Deus Ex Machina

Wazabi – Optimus

And another one from Pance Party to end this crazy dirtiness.

Pance Party – A Million Puppies

Of course after this heavy synth storm we have some quietness. Well … listen for yourself.

Karaskilla – Expreso Cali

I think we’ve probably selected the most varied tracks in one post. I hope you enjoy! To end this post I’d also like to tell you that phase02 will post more frequently again. So stay tuned!

15 Jul 2010

Drop It 13

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Via Hobogestapo

Time for a new load of tracks! Every day we receive tons of new things and trying to listen to everything is not that easy, but we try! Therefore, here’s a personal selection of the things we’ve recently received. Lot’s of variation so fun for everyone!
Let’s go downtempo first, shall we! Egotomb did a rework of Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy. It’s a couple of BPM’s faster now than the original and it creates a nice vibe! Really love this one!

Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (Egotomb Rework).mp3

Jordon Saxton has produced a couple of stunning dubstep tunes again. Be aware, ’cause your ears might explode while listening to this!

Groove Armada - Wont Kneel (JSaxton Remix).mp3

JSaxton - Game Over.mp3

Time for something completely different then! Moscow Youth Cult, based in Nottingham UK, produces tracks which they call “VHS pop”. In their e-mail they also referred to Four Tet, Fuck Buttons and Boards of Canada, having more or less the same style/sound. I was intrigued by that description so I listened to their latest album.. and yep it’s good! Really reminds a bit of obscure 70′s sci-fi films! They even have a track called Phase IV, so we really couldn’t ignore that ;) .

Moscow Youth Cult happiness machines 11 happiness machines.mp3

To finish, here’s the sickest track I’ve heard in a while! The guy calls himself Wondawulf, he’s from Budapest and he creates drumstep. Yep drumstep… take some drum&bass, add a bit of dubstep and there you have it.. moreover the following tune also has a bit of a jazzy feel.. take a listen, you’ll know what I mean! Also check out the video, hilarious! It’s a 320, let’s see if you guys dare to drop this one in public!

Wondawulf - Too Hot For Drumstep.mp3

27 May 2010

Drop It 11

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By Jeremy Geddes

Today I decided to put up a new “Drop It” selection. You remember? This was originally created for all the tracks that reached our dropbox on soundcloud. Today it’s more about the whole collection of tracks that reached us in any way. We try to go through most of them, at least as many as possible and select the ones that could impress us the most. So here we go this is our 11th selection. If you’d like to make it in this post, just put it in our dropbox, send us an email or message on soundcloud or facebook and we’ll look into it. We don’t let our personal music taste influence our choice, we’ll try to select the tracks objectively. Here we go.

A new remix by Graphics has reached our dropbox! Again he managed to impress us with his production skills.

Picturehouse – Blackout Rolling ft. Mr ShaoDow (Graphics Remix)

The next track I’d like you to listen is one I discovered accidentally earlier this week. I was searching hypem for a cool track to make a little animation on. Suddenly I bounced on the following track. I’m not even sure about the complete name. But it rocks! Enjoy! For those who’re interested here’s the little animation I was talking about: Energize Case Study (vimeo)

Pretty Lights – Finally Moving Remix

For all retro game fans, more specifically Zelda, here’s a brand new track by BbobNRokstedy produced around the original 8-bit Zelda tunes and bleeps. For all DJs who’d like to surprise their crowd with some nostalgic gameboy sounds. This electro banger is a 320. Have fun!

BbobNRokstedy – Zelda 2.0

Next up is Owl Vision! From previous posts about this Swedish trash machine we know this is gonna be extremely hard and dirty. If that’s not enough he actually trashed up Toxic avenger this time. Oh boy…

The Toxic Avenger – Toxic Is Dead (Owl Vision Remix)

What about some dubstep and a catchy vocal? Here’s the answer: Zoe Leela remixed by The Unik and Tambour Battant. *explosion!

Zoe Leela – Destroy She Says (The Unik and Tambour Battant Remix)

To end with I have a house remix of the legendary Message In The Bottle by the Police. That’s right! I bet you all can’t wait to find out how that sounds like. Right?

The Police – Message In The Bottle (Thoko Bootleg Remix)

So far our 11th drop it post. As you can see all genres are welcome. We select the ones we like for whatever what reason. Enjoy!

06 May 2010

Headshotboyz into downtempo?

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via baubauhaus

I hope the sun is shining where you’re living. In Belgium it’s rather grey for the time of the year. Can’t wait for the summer! I know the Budapest based Headshotboyz will agree with me. Strange enough these two tech-house experts came up with a little “sun-drenched” downtempo track. Not something you’d expect from these guys.

Lets not try to figure out why — instead just enjoy this exceptional deviation. I’d actually love to see more artists stray from their natural habitat.

Headshotboyz – 24.0

05 Apr 2010


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A few of these tracks are off some albums that have come out recently. I like to feature just one track, or at most two; but really, I recommend grabbing the full albums from Brekage, Pacou, and Fluxion especially. The thought crossed my mind that I should also have some Autechre and Kyle Hall in here but, I think I’m going to review the Autechre album separately. Ramadanman also has a new album out but I haven’t had a listen yet. Too much good music, not enough time.

Lost Trax – The Sequel (Original Mix) / Lost Trax 2 / Scsi-Av
[audio:0410/01 The Sequel.mp3]

Dare & Haste – Sinister Transmission (2006 Version) / Sinister Remixes / Advanced
[audio:0410/07 Sinister Transmission.mp3]

Fluxion – Waves (Original Mix) / Perfused / Echochord
[audio:0410/fluxion - waves.mp3]

Cardopusher – It’s Yesterday Already (Original Mix) / Schematic Blocks / On The Edge
[audio:0410/02 Its Yesterday Already.mp3]

SBTRKT – Soundboy Shift (Original Mix) / Soundboy Shift bw Rundown / Young Turks
[audio:0410/01 Soundboy Shift.mp3]

The Parallel – Abyss (Original Mix) / The Parallel / Komisch
[audio:0410/01 Abyss.mp3]

Pacou – LL004 Part 3 / Acid Tracks / Cache
[audio:0410/08 LL004 Part 3.mp3]

Ortin Cam & Charles Bells – Pyramid (Original Mix) / Black / Roots Records
[audio:0410/03 Pyramid.mp3]

Breakage ft. Burial – Vial / Foundation / Digital Soundboy
[audio:0410/breakage - vial ft burial.mp3]

Apathesis – Wake Up (Original Mix)
/ Begin / Urban Scrumping
[audio:0410/03 Wake Up.mp3]

04 Apr 2010

Motorlab: new releases

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Do you remember Motorlab? The Russian techno net-label releasing amazing stuff all for free. It’s truly insane what they’re doing. Couple days back I received a message from them on Facebook, telling me I should check out their live streaming. They were playing dubstep and it was really good. But I couldn’t resist to check out their website again … I was astonished by the quantity and quality of the new free releases.

In this post I want to feature their 12th and latest release Ecomotion by Hybridnetika. As I said before you can download all the releases for free on I suggest you bookmark that one. They deserve so much more attention.

Hybridnetika – Recuperation (Regenerative)

Download Ecomotion Ep

I suggest you head over to Motorlab to download the whole Ep if you like this track.

24 Mar 2010


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Flying Lotus is finished his acclaimed masterpiece and is ready to share it with the rest of us. This album is apparently one seamless piece of music, an opus, a journey through an astral landscape. It’s been described as a “space opera” amongst other things – an appropriate tittle that suggests the perplexing scale of this cosmic body of unearthly music. I’m not quite sure how he’s done it, one can only guess and make assumptions as to how he has crafted cosmogramma into a single entity, having also curated many guest appearances, including a collaboration with Thom York on the track “And The World Laughs With You.”

I have an inkling that there will be at least a few new surprises on this album in addition to the signature Dilla-inspired beat work we’ve come to associate with his music. 3×3 featured tracks from Lotus that didn’t even have beats, and personally, I found that refreshing. Lotus recently did an interview with Gilles Peterson on Radio One where he showcased some of the new materials from the album; unfortunately, that show is no longer up on the BBC player, but someone’s taken the time to edit the tracks from that broadcast into a mini cosmogramma preview. There are more rips floating about but I didn’t want to spoil all the fun.


01. Clock Catcher
02. Pickled!
03. Nose Art
04. Intro//A Cosmic Drama
05. Zodiac Shit
06. Computer Face//Pure Being
07. And The World Laughs With You ft. Thom Yorke
08. Arkestry
09. Mmmhmm ft.Thundercat
10. Do The Astral Plane
11. Satelllliiiiiteee
12. German Haircut
13. Recoiled
14. Dance Of The Pseudo Nymph
15. Drips//Auntie’s Harp
16. Table Tennis ft. Laura Darlington
17. Galaxy In Janaki

Cosmogramma marks my second “must have” albums of 2010 and will be released in early May through Warp records. Speaking of which, Pre-orders for the first edition CD’s or gatefold vinyl are avaiable now through Bleep. These limited edition copies come with some extra fancy packaging and maybe some other stuff. Read more and order it here.

Flying Lotus – Quakes
[audio:0310/04 Quakes.mp3]
Gonjasufi – Ancestors (Produced by Flying Lotus)
[audio:0310/03 Ancestors.mp3]