06 May 2010

Headshotboyz into downtempo?

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via baubauhaus

I hope the sun is shining where you’re living. In Belgium it’s rather grey for the time of the year. Can’t wait for the summer! I know the Budapest based Headshotboyz will agree with me. Strange enough these two tech-house experts came up with a little “sun-drenched” downtempo track. Not something you’d expect from these guys.

Lets not try to figure out why — instead just enjoy this exceptional deviation. I’d actually love to see more artists stray from their natural habitat.

Headshotboyz – 24.0

written by Tim
A Belgian based graphic designer, who found his interest in electronic music back in 2007.
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3 Responses to “Headshotboyz into downtempo?”

  1. timo says:

    Wow, beautiful song. Reminds me of Chemical Brothers in some way. Keepin my fingers crossed for some sunny weather to play this to.

  2. Oli says:

    Good to see that they try other things too!

  3. Daive says:

    cool, but i hate the overused sound of the bit crusher. completely removes any warmth.

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