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11 Dec 2009

here is now.

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big up vik and the wzrdgang! looks good

04 Dec 2009

Diftype Interview at Cpluv

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One of my favourite artist Niklas Lundberg aka Diftype got interviewed at the new Cpluv website. I love his work, love his story!

read the interview
Visit diftype

30 Nov 2009

Medusateam Showreel

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Medusateam Showreel from Medusateam on Vimeo.

Love for art and music!

18 Nov 2009


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[youtube width="500" height="335"][/youtube]

Amazing 3D video by Pantural studio.

14 Nov 2009

slashTHREE pack12

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The art community full of young talented digital artist, called slashTHREE has launched their new art pack today. It’s called “Steampunk” and contains amazing artwork made using various different media. Go check out what these guys can do.

slashTHREE art pack 12

13 Nov 2009

The Mill Showreel 2010

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Enjoy the new showreel of one of the most famous advertising studio The Mill.

The Mill 2010 showreel from Huitième Degré on Vimeo.

08 Nov 2009


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It’s been a while since we’ve featured a graphic designer on phase02. This weekend depthcore has released their 38th online exhibition which is truly a mind blowing collection of some of the best digital artists’ work. One of those guys was Kervin Brisseaux who’s got this special glowy style that just fits perfectly with the music we’re posting on here. Check out his amazing work on