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27 Oct 2011

Dave Clarke – Red 2 (Boys Noize Remix)

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A while back it was said that Red 2, released in 1994 by Dave Clark, would get a complete make-over. As the matter of fact, the whole red series would be re-released on Boys Noize recs. I remember I read somewhere it was going to be released “around winter”.

Note to mr. Dave en mr. Alex: this track has been floating around now for ages. Please bring out a 12″. Thank you.

21 Oct 2011

TKOL 1234567

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TKOL RMX 1234567, the remix album of Radiohead’s latest work, The king of limbs, has been out in Europe for a week now. I noticed that lot’s of people criticised it and, well,  lot’s of you out there have the opinion that remix albums can’t outshine the original and I agree… in most cases, that is, cause this is something completely different! Artists like Caribou, Nathan Fake, Jacques Greene, Four Tet, Blawan, Modeselektor, Jamie XX and SBTRKT have all given their own interpretation of the tracks of the album. The result: a superb mix of reconstructed Radiohead DNA thrown into a new form with respect to the original feel. Of course, some are going to say that a lot sounds impersonal and that the hype associated with these names is overrated. I say: yes, you have a point – somewhere – but you still got to admit you’ll find at least one track on this album that you’re going to like.
Check out the remix by Modeselektor. It’s best to describe it as a weirdo-ish kind of techno…
Buy the album here.

Radiohead – Good Evening Mrs Magpie (Modeselektor RMX)


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13 Oct 2011

“Bring the past only if you are going to build from it”

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Via (“Analog Dead? I think not; ALL zzt casettes almost sold out in the first 2 days. Walkman is the new iPod.” Tiga on Twitter about the latest zzt release on cassette).

Bring the past only if you are going to build from it, someone once said. This post is dedicated to producers that I really respect at the moment. And because of that respect, I’d like to share only some “older” work cause in my opinion if you really like their work, you need to support these guys and buy their new stuff..

Pfirter. Juan Pablo Pfirter is often considered as one of the main icons of the electronic music scene in South America. He’s Argentinian and performs mostly in Argentina and the rest of South America. Although nowadays you can also find him regularly in Berlin and Barcelona. He has releases on Chris Liebing’s label and is played by Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin and Christian Smith.”De A Poco” is the B-side of an EP from 2009. Buy Pfirter EP’s over here.

Pfirter – De A Poco

Dubfire. This guy doesn’t need an introduction anymore of course. He is still able to combine in a brilliant way spanning punk, industrial, new wave, jazz, dub, hip-hop, house and, of course, techno. He appeared on respected labels including Cocoon, Get Physical and Minus. He still is an inspiration for the electronic dance music world and he will hopefully keep delivering the unexpected. Everyone knows Roadkill by now so therefore you can find a more forgotten Dubfire track which was released in 2007. Buy latest Dubfire stuff right here.

Meat Katie & D. Ramirez feat. Odissi – Stop The Revolution (Dubfire Remix)

A. Mochi. A. Mochi is a Japanese producer based in Tokyo. He is one of the few artists from Japan who receives attention from the techno scene around the world. He has been releasing 12 inches since 2006. You can find a track here that appeared on Figure in 2009. The “Black out EP” is often considered as the breaktrough EP of this Japanse producer. Keep an eye on him and try to catch him play when he’s in Europe again! Interested in more A. Mochi? Check out Beatport.

A. Mochi – Black Out (Original Mix)

Time to say something about drum & bass  as well. It’s still waiting for a new qualitative wave of d&b if you ask me. I’m not into the vocal d&b pop which you can hear on every radiostation at the moment. So therefore it’s time to look back and point to drum & bass that could actually move people. First, a tune by DJ Hazard, it appeared in 2008 on the “Machete Bass EP”. This is still a superb track from English producer Hazard! Ok why not, let’s share another one. We’re going back tot 2002 when Ed Rush and Optical were ruling the place. This is the Ram Trilogy remix of Pacman! Enjoy!

DJ Hazard – Killers Dont Die
Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)

06 Oct 2011


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Black Asteroid is the brainchild of Bryan Black. You should know him as the guy behind Motor. He decided to start a new project by the name of Black Asteroid, to showcase an exciting new sound and to re-capture the techno world once more. It was released on Chris Liebing’s CLR label! And he had to say this about it:

Very soon the next day, our whole office in Berlin was dancing and the neighbours were complaining (Chris Liebing)

13 Jun 2011

Meati & Meech – Bock ep

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Meati & Meech have released their Bock Ep last week on Discobelle Records! Yeah, that’s worth a lot more exclamation marks!!! This is an amazing house release by these Toronto based producers dj presenting two tracks “Choctaw” and “Bock”, finishing it with awesome remixes by Deebs, Poupon, Panton and SunnyBeach HappySlap MardiGras.

Meati & Meech – Bock EP [DISCOBELLE] by Meati & Meech

Support them on Beatport!

Now enjoy this bonus remix of Autoerotique‘s “Freak”.

Autoerotique – Freak (Meatie & Meech Remix)

12 Apr 2011

Motorlab explosion

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picture by VivantVie

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys about the most kept secret, Motorlab. In just a couple of months they again managed to release around 8 new Ep’s. I wonder how they manage to keep it all free. They are all absolutely stunning productions which you can all download for free on their website. If you like some super underground techno and breakbeat. Head over there and grab your favourite releases. By the way: check out their 360 audioplayer. it rocks! Maybe on phase02 soon…

Anyway enjoy my Motorlab selection. If you like, give them some love on facebook. Only 58 people like Motorlab. That’s probably the most deepest, most incredible underground music you’ll ever hear.

Juri-jah – Darcknes

Unorace – Beta Cycle 3

Unorace – Alfa Cycle 1

Unorace – Give The Horse

Vadz – Depth

SUB – Black Sun

Gliese – Unknown place

07 Mar 2011


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Boys Noize and Housemeister, Berlin friends united!For some of us this doesn’t get any better. After their first collaboration in 2006 under the name of EASTWEST, they are now bringing us 3 new jams you don´t want to miss. Head over to beatport and grab this amazing new Ep. Probably one of the most varied Ep’s I’ve heard in months. Loud and noizy, amazing breakbeats and melodic disco-tech that will blow your socks off. I don’t know they’re just pretty brilliant.

Not convinced? Check out this amazing Radiocontrol night fever edit.

Boys Noize & Housemeister – Saturday (Radiocontrol night fever edit)