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21 Jul 2010

Mr. Magnetik, Mokusch

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Here’s something for all you ravers out there! Monsieur Magnetik from Belgium has a new EP called Animatronik. It comes with three grinding synth driven tracks for anytime of the night or into the morning. First up is the EP’s namesake with a builder primed to jump start any party into gear. ‘Born To Rave’, with it’s jumpy rhythms and snare rolls will keep you marching into the wee hours just in time to drop ‘My Friend’ on the crowd to jolt the whole scene back to earth. Personally I’m a fan of the ‘my friend’ track, so take a listen to it right here and make sure to check out the other two tracks too!

Mr Magnetik – My Friend

Buy the EP right HERE

Mokusch, a project of 2 guys from Germany, has mailed us two fresh tracks. They’ve been a DJ-Duo for about 4 years, they call themselves “fictive brothers” and they create techno music with a minimalish flavour on top of it. The first track has a rather weird title((Die Wissenschaftliche Geheimpolizei Aus Madrid), btw I personally love weird titles, and it even has a woman speaking Spanish throughout it. This could be a great afterhours tune! The second track builds more to a central point and from there on you really get into the right vibe! It’s more of a floorfiller than Die Wissenschaftliche Geheimpolizei Aus Madrid
, and yes… I really had to mention that title again! Check it out!

Mokusch – Die Wissenschaftliche Geheimplizei Aus Madrid
Mokusch – Max Hold

15 Jul 2010

Drop It 13

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Via Hobogestapo

Time for a new load of tracks! Every day we receive tons of new things and trying to listen to everything is not that easy, but we try! Therefore, here’s a personal selection of the things we’ve recently received. Lot’s of variation so fun for everyone!
Let’s go downtempo first, shall we! Egotomb did a rework of Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy. It’s a couple of BPM’s faster now than the original and it creates a nice vibe! Really love this one!

Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (Egotomb Rework).mp3

Jordon Saxton has produced a couple of stunning dubstep tunes again. Be aware, ’cause your ears might explode while listening to this!

Groove Armada - Wont Kneel (JSaxton Remix).mp3

JSaxton - Game Over.mp3

Time for something completely different then! Moscow Youth Cult, based in Nottingham UK, produces tracks which they call “VHS pop”. In their e-mail they also referred to Four Tet, Fuck Buttons and Boards of Canada, having more or less the same style/sound. I was intrigued by that description so I listened to their latest album.. and yep it’s good! Really reminds a bit of obscure 70′s sci-fi films! They even have a track called Phase IV, so we really couldn’t ignore that ;) .

Moscow Youth Cult happiness machines 11 happiness machines.mp3

To finish, here’s the sickest track I’ve heard in a while! The guy calls himself Wondawulf, he’s from Budapest and he creates drumstep. Yep drumstep… take some drum&bass, add a bit of dubstep and there you have it.. moreover the following tune also has a bit of a jazzy feel.. take a listen, you’ll know what I mean! Also check out the video, hilarious! It’s a 320, let’s see if you guys dare to drop this one in public!

Wondawulf - Too Hot For Drumstep.mp3

08 Jul 2010

Kiani & his Legion

8 Comments Deep House, Techno

By Lorelay Parade

Sheee-iiiiiiiiiiiit, it’s gettin’ hot in here! Don’t know where you guys at but 35 degrees really is something! Therefore today a mixtape that perfectly suits these burning temperatures. Kiani & his Legion, a.k.a. Thomas Neyens, may not immediately ring a bell, still, if you mention his name when you’re in his hometown Genk in Belgium, everyone will tell you about the mindblowing parties that often go on untill noon! The “legion” in his name basically refers to the art of spinning vinyls together with friends, it’s all about the music and having a good time! Being influenced by the ’97 – ’04 Berlin scene  and also the late ’80′s, begin 90′s Detroit techno, this really is the stuff that keeps you going in your head, holding on to a groove that simply never ends. The afterparty vibe for all those after hours souls or as he says himself:

Them darkened souls need sunrise disko!

He used 2 turntables and two cd players, all very oldskool and underground, to record the mix. With 90% vinyl, expect the real deal and no nonsense touch! The mix lasts for almost 3 hours and features tracks by John Beltran, Soul Capsule, Isolée, Common Factor and DJ Qu. For specific track ID’s, leave a comment ;) .
So sit back, relax, have a drink, put on those sunglasses and enjoy, this is simply awesome my friends!

Kiani and his Legion – Zomer Mix 2010 (Live @ BamBam ’10) by Kiani and his Legion

02 Jul 2010

Samuel L. Session – Can You Relate

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via BauBauHaus

It’s HOT! Yes, I Mean the weather. It’s actually 32°c outside and I’m inside blogging about an even more hotter subject. Samuel L. Session, the Swedish Techno hero has brought out a new remix Ep of one of his most succesful “Can You Relate”. I bet you head over to Beatport right when I tell you the remixers on this release. New versions of “Can You Relate” were created by Jorin Voorn, Slam and Anja Schneider. Here’s the link to spare you some time: Click to buy on beatport!

To be honest it’s actually the second remix Ep they did on “Can You Relate”. And I’m actually so late on my facts that there’s already a new release by Samuel called “Inner City Dust”. Anyway he rocks! Check ‘em out!

Samuel L. Session – Can You Relate (Anja Schneider Remix)

17 Jun 2010

Tiefschwarz – Chocolate

5 Comments Deep House, Techno

Tiefschwarz, the German deep house specialist are back with their third album ‘Chocolate’. A huge huge leap forward so it seems, since this is their first release on their own record label , Souvenir. This release is the result of their artistic freedom that comes with their independence. Like they describe “Chocolate is everything: subtle, bitter and sweet, without milk and sugar, it is hand crafted from only the finest ingredients.” An album that will make you do the craziest dance moves on the dancefloor, yet at the same time, Chocolate will be perfect to listen to outside the club.

This is not all. Ali and Basti worked with Phillipe Majer, alias Santé to produce the tracks, and the new dynamic that has emerged from the collaborative production process has manifested itself in in a distinct live quality. So much so that Tiefschwarz will now be performing live for the first time. You don’t wanna miss this. Experience the first live performance of Tiefschwarz this summer!

Tiefschwarz ft. Daniel Wilde – Home

05 Jun 2010


5 Comments Dubstep, Electro, House, Minimal, Tech House, Techno

by Stijn Van Assche

5 days too late. I know. I make it up to you with this incredible varied chart. I’ve found some amazing techno, dubstep, electro, house, etc. It’s all in there. Now I’m gonna aim my speakers out the window and enjoy the sun with a nice cold beer. Check out the chart and buy their music. Oh yeah before I forget, notice the new audio players. Let me know what you think. Now go grab some tunes.

Noazi – Astasia Abassia (Binkie Version) / Astasia Abassia / Dopefish

Dub Elements, Venganza – Dirty Job /Ringcraft / Downbeat

Mladen Tomic – Before Sunset / Before Sunset/ Definitive

Alessio Mereu – Never Forget / Minimal = Maximal /  Tretmuehle

Etienne De Crecy – Welcome (Pablo Decoder Remix) / Welcome / Pixadelic

Kruko – Kry (DNA Exchange) /DNA Exchange /Genesa

25 May 2010

ML012 Phoboz

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by Carlo Van de Roer

I’m not really in a writing mood right now. But I just couldn’t resist to post up this news asap. So here it is: Motorlab records, the Russian techno label has released their 13th free album. This time the producer Phoboz created a very deep and relaxing Ep called “Five After Midnight”. I think the titles says enough. Quickly check out this “Planet Of Winds” and download the whole Ep over at

Phoboz – Planet Of Winds (Original Mix)