05 Jun 2010


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by Stijn Van Assche

5 days too late. I know. I make it up to you with this incredible varied chart. I’ve found some amazing techno, dubstep, electro, house, etc. It’s all in there. Now I’m gonna aim my speakers out the window and enjoy the sun with a nice cold beer. Check out the chart and buy their music. Oh yeah before I forget, notice the new audio players. Let me know what you think. Now go grab some tunes.

Noazi – Astasia Abassia (Binkie Version) / Astasia Abassia / Dopefish

Dub Elements, Venganza – Dirty Job /Ringcraft / Downbeat

Mladen Tomic – Before Sunset / Before Sunset/ Definitive

Alessio Mereu – Never Forget / Minimal = Maximal /  Tretmuehle

Etienne De Crecy – Welcome (Pablo Decoder Remix) / Welcome / Pixadelic

Kruko – Kry (DNA Exchange) /DNA Exchange /Genesa

written by Tim
A Belgian based graphic designer, who found his interest in electronic music back in 2007.

5 Responses to “#chart#June.”

  1. Timo says:

    The new player is nice, the only thing im missing is a volume switch, but thats just me being lazy. I like that you guys mention the record label (and what I think is the name of the EP)

  2. timic says:

    Yeah but we always mention ep and record label in our chart posts. This is simply because we want to stimulate our readers to buy it or check out more of the same record label ;)

    Thanks man!

  3. Henry Schorr says:

    I think its the ‘binkie version’ not the binkie ‘remix’ , no body remixed it..(its an original) I believe they also have the ‘abortion version’ coming out sometime soon, they obviously like to confuse people with ridiculous track names..

  4. timic says:

    Yeah you’re right. I just interpreted it wrong. My bad. thanks! :)

  5. eraze34 says:

    good chart , befor sunset tune :) still love that brrrrp deep house vibe andnever forget , still cant go wrong with old detroity feel :) top tunes :)

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