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13 Oct 2011

“Bring the past only if you are going to build from it”

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Via (“Analog Dead? I think not; ALL zzt casettes almost sold out in the first 2 days. Walkman is the new iPod.” Tiga on Twitter about the latest zzt release on cassette).

Bring the past only if you are going to build from it, someone once said. This post is dedicated to producers that I really respect at the moment. And because of that respect, I’d like to share only some “older” work cause in my opinion if you really like their work, you need to support these guys and buy their new stuff..

Pfirter. Juan Pablo Pfirter is often considered as one of the main icons of the electronic music scene in South America. He’s Argentinian and performs mostly in Argentina and the rest of South America. Although nowadays you can also find him regularly in Berlin and Barcelona. He has releases on Chris Liebing’s label and is played by Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin and Christian Smith.”De A Poco” is the B-side of an EP from 2009. Buy Pfirter EP’s over here.

Pfirter – De A Poco

Dubfire. This guy doesn’t need an introduction anymore of course. He is still able to combine in a brilliant way spanning punk, industrial, new wave, jazz, dub, hip-hop, house and, of course, techno. He appeared on respected labels including Cocoon, Get Physical and Minus. He still is an inspiration for the electronic dance music world and he will hopefully keep delivering the unexpected. Everyone knows Roadkill by now so therefore you can find a more forgotten Dubfire track which was released in 2007. Buy latest Dubfire stuff right here.

Meat Katie & D. Ramirez feat. Odissi – Stop The Revolution (Dubfire Remix)

A. Mochi. A. Mochi is a Japanese producer based in Tokyo. He is one of the few artists from Japan who receives attention from the techno scene around the world. He has been releasing 12 inches since 2006. You can find a track here that appeared on Figure in 2009. The “Black out EP” is often considered as the breaktrough EP of this Japanse producer. Keep an eye on him and try to catch him play when he’s in Europe again! Interested in more A. Mochi? Check out Beatport.

A. Mochi – Black Out (Original Mix)

Time to say something about drum & bass  as well. It’s still waiting for a new qualitative wave of d&b if you ask me. I’m not into the vocal d&b pop which you can hear on every radiostation at the moment. So therefore it’s time to look back and point to drum & bass that could actually move people. First, a tune by DJ Hazard, it appeared in 2008 on the “Machete Bass EP”. This is still a superb track from English producer Hazard! Ok why not, let’s share another one. We’re going back tot 2002 when Ed Rush and Optical were ruling the place. This is the Ram Trilogy remix of Pacman! Enjoy!

DJ Hazard – Killers Dont Die
Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman (Ram Trilogy Remix)

01 Mar 2011

Delete Me

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Directed, designed and animated by Lukas Vojir
Music by Merak
Talent: Aneeka Anakie

01 Dec 2010

Exclusive Syndaesia mixtape!

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That’s right, Syndaesia asked us to spread his latest mixtape exclusively via Phase02! So, expect a load of bass right in your face, just the way we like it! The link will be on temporarily, you can also download the tape here. Click the “read more” button for the tracklist. Enjoy this one!

Be sure to check out Syndaesia on december 23 @ Silo Leuven Belgium, together with the likes of Netsky, Chrispy, Total Science, Grimelock and Murdock!

Buy Turbulence, Syndaesia’s latest album, right HERE or HERE.
More Syndaesia tracks on Beatport

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15 Jul 2010

Drop It 13

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Via Hobogestapo

Time for a new load of tracks! Every day we receive tons of new things and trying to listen to everything is not that easy, but we try! Therefore, here’s a personal selection of the things we’ve recently received. Lot’s of variation so fun for everyone!
Let’s go downtempo first, shall we! Egotomb did a rework of Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy. It’s a couple of BPM’s faster now than the original and it creates a nice vibe! Really love this one!

Daft Punk - Tron Legacy (Egotomb Rework).mp3

Jordon Saxton has produced a couple of stunning dubstep tunes again. Be aware, ’cause your ears might explode while listening to this!

Groove Armada - Wont Kneel (JSaxton Remix).mp3

JSaxton - Game Over.mp3

Time for something completely different then! Moscow Youth Cult, based in Nottingham UK, produces tracks which they call “VHS pop”. In their e-mail they also referred to Four Tet, Fuck Buttons and Boards of Canada, having more or less the same style/sound. I was intrigued by that description so I listened to their latest album.. and yep it’s good! Really reminds a bit of obscure 70′s sci-fi films! They even have a track called Phase IV, so we really couldn’t ignore that ;) .

Moscow Youth Cult happiness machines 11 happiness machines.mp3

To finish, here’s the sickest track I’ve heard in a while! The guy calls himself Wondawulf, he’s from Budapest and he creates drumstep. Yep drumstep… take some drum&bass, add a bit of dubstep and there you have it.. moreover the following tune also has a bit of a jazzy feel.. take a listen, you’ll know what I mean! Also check out the video, hilarious! It’s a 320, let’s see if you guys dare to drop this one in public!

Wondawulf - Too Hot For Drumstep.mp3

08 Jul 2010

Drop It 12

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via Baubauhaus

I don’t know how it is where you live but here it is summer and the sun is shining hard. I’m leaving to France in couple days, gonna enjoy the  summer even more, far away from the internet.. I thought it’s good time to pop some new tracks out there. I’ve been getting tons of messages the past few days. I really can’t keep up with them. But here’s a selection of my personal favorites. I bet you dig them to.

We start of with a brand new production by Graphics. If you’re a frequent phase02 reader you should already know him. Read more here and get his Naked Mario Kart remix here. He’s truly a huge talent and still very very young.

Stinger – Pleasure (Graphics Remix)

Next I’d like to share this Ellie Goulding drum ‘n bass remix by Messed. I love it because it reminds me of beautiful sunset moments on the beach. Enjoy.

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Messed Remix)

Kinetica Records has released “Boys & Girls” by Drlkt Freddie. Here’s the Disco Damage remix. You can find additional remixes by DJ Wool, Killer on The Dancfloor and Sick Boy over at Beatport.

Drlkt Freddie – Boys & Girls (Disco Damage Remix)

Don Diablo has created a crazy mash up with probably his most successful track “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Seven Nation Army” by the White stripes. Just have to listen to believe it. It’s probably been launched in the blogosphere by tons of other sites already. But here it is anyway.

Don Diablo vs. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Daddy

I’d like to end with this relaxing sound by VeemanJanssen.

VeemanJanssen – Put The Flage On

I wish you all an amazing summer. Let me know what you think about the tunes and what ya plans are for the next few (hopefully) sunny months.

03 May 2010


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This chart is on me. Tony is bit busy with other stuff at the moment. He’ll be back active soon. Meanwhile I’ll try to keep up with Tony’s amazing charts. The following tracks are my personal favourites of last month. I highly recommend to check out Tretmühle if you love good techno and tech-house. They’ve assembled the best underground productions in several amazing releases so far.

Before you enjoy these tracks, I’d like to make our phase02 readers warm for a huge update coming up. You may have noticed a lack of activity lately. Don’t worry. Phase02 will soon be more vivid than ever.

Also thanks to everyone who entered our poll. It seems we’re doing a pretty good job providing original tracks and producers. That’s what I’m aiming for with this post. Let me know if I succeeded. Now enjoy!

Leeks – The Guy Had A Gun (Original Mix) / The Guy Had A Gun / FHD

Ruckspin – Get Naked (Orignal Mix) / Jibber / Ranking Records

Gino, Snake – Metro Area (Original Mix) / Analogue Tapes / Tretmuehle

Wedge, Aesoteric – A Night On The Wonk (Gemmy Remix) / A Night On The Wonk / If Symptoms Persist

datA, Kingsin – Baggage (Original Mix) / The Visitor / Deep Soul Music

Norman – Moms (Original Mix) / Connected Volume 3 / Tretmühle

James Harcourt – Unpleasant Surprise (Original mix) / Unpleasant Surprise / Form

07 Jan 2010

Poll 9

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Visual by davidop

A new year has started and traditional New Year’s resolutions get broken. I was wondering what New year’s resolutions the average phase02 reader makes. Please share with us in a comment. Here are a couple brand new JSaxton tunes in return. I think I’ve just posted the first Drum ‘n Bass track on phase02. More to come maybe … who knows.


  • I don't make New Year's resolutions! (69%, 38 Votes)
  • Gonna work on my New Year's resolutions! please share in a comment! (31%, 17 Votes)

Total Voters: 55

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[audio:/0110/Don't Panic Dear - Say Something (JSaxton Remix).mp3]
Don’t Panic Dear – Say Something (JSaxton Remix)

[audio:/0110/In My Life - JSaxton.mp3]
JSaxton – In My Life