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23 Mar 2010

Nicolas Eller

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via 19plus

Nicolas Eller, a young Dortmund based Techno producer also known as Kasi The Robot has recently released his latest production Oh Caecillia on Orps Records. I discovered this talent a couple days back when he shared his track on soundcloud. Love that tool. It has brought me to several great music producers lately. Enjoy one of Nicolas’ more dreamy electronic experiments Tagtraum.

Nicolas Eller – Tagtraum

Buy Oh Caecillia on Beatport.

17 Mar 2010

Charming Ghost

3 Comments Minimal, Techno

by motion graphics artist Umeric.

Dennis Price has been spinning house music over 25 years in Amsterdam. Dennis has the honour to be the star of Unusual Sound Records debut Ep Charming Ghost.

“They thrive on creating music that intensely engages the human mind, body and condition. Their drive focuses on fulfilling the demands of the most critical ears of fans and performers of Techno, House, Progressive, Tech House, Minimal, Electro House, Downtempo and Dubstep.”

Now enjoy this album’s preview and the free 320 Dennis Price remix of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.

Charming Ghost by Unusual Sound

Buy Charming Ghost on DJDownload, Juno or MySpace. It will be available soon on Beatport and iTunes.

[audio:/0310/MICHAEL JACKSON - BILLIE JEAN (Dennis Price Progressive Remix).mp3]
Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Dennis Price Progressive Remix)

Stay tuned for more Unusual Sound Records news.

14 Mar 2010


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image via Dethjunkie

BMKLTSCH RCRDS has released 3 new EP’s on beatport last week. The dutch record label has decided to put out a 3 releases from their featured artists all at once. These artists are Nobody Beats The Drum, C-mon & Kypski and Boemklatsch.

Be aware! This is a post for everyone who likes it dirty. And I’m talking about music. Enjoy the following promo tracks and grab one or just all of these EP’s on Beatport.

C-mon & Kypski is a quite interesting and incredible unpredictable band mixing up Turntablism, electronica and live instruments. They seem to stand out when it comes to live shows. I can’t honestly say that since I’ve never seen them live before, but judging from the youtube videos it could be true.

[audio:/0310/Burning Hot (Boemklatsch remix).mp3]
C-mon & Kypski – Burning Hot (Boemklatsch Remix)

Nobody Beats The Drum is what you get when you team up two producers and a VJ. Again this is a living proof where visuals actually make the difference. In my humble opinion their tracks aren’t that unique in this heavily saturated electro / fidget house scene. But those visuals and videoclips really made these guys pop out.

Enjoy their clip of “Grindin” on vimeo.

[audio:/0310/Dirty Monkey (Riptide remix).mp3]
Nobody Beats The Drum – Dirty Monkey (Riptide Remix)

Boemklatsch is a super fast growing dj duo who have played along the Bloody Beetroots, Jackbeats, MSTRKRFT, datA and a lot more. Their first Ep was released on Lektroluv Records and second ” Noisy” just came out last week.

[audio:/0310/Noisy (DFineRemix).mp3]
Boemklatsch – Noisy (D.Fine Remix)

Buy it on Beatport.

10 Mar 2010

Automatic Sunset

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By Tanya Johnston.

This Monday the Switzerland based label Static Records has released Nixx‘ first Ep Automatic Sunset. Nixx, the Swiss drum ‘n bass producer decided to surprise his audience with his Techno influences.

I discovered a new label and a bunch of really great artists. It’s good to see Switzerland is entering the blogosphere and most importantly that they have great music in those mountains too. This dancefloor release literally blows the cliché yodeling music down those Swiss Alps.

[audio:/0310/Nixx - marineland.mp3]
Nixx – Marineland

Check out the full release on Juno, DJTunes, Vinyl Distribution or Amazon.

02 Mar 2010


4 Comments Experimental, Techno

I have to say I’m not entirely too surprised about the results from the poll we ran for last months chart. People aren’t usually keen to changes, but I understand it’s not exactly important to fix something that isn’t ”broken.” That being said, we’ll stick to the bit reduced chart for now, and I’ll throw in some clips here and there if I feel so inclined. Yes, I’m also aware that I haven’t been as active this month, but hey, that’s life. On a lighter note, this past weekend I had a great experience out at milkrun in TO. Kyle Hall headlined the event and it was high energy and movin’ bodies all night. I think he didn’t even start his set t’il after 5am? I haven’t done the after hours thing in time now…but it was fun filled night to say the least. This months chart is out to all the 5am after hour ravers, enjoy.


Nuke – Try Again (Original Mix) / Reset .4 / Reset Music
[audio:2010/0310/01 Try Again (Original Mix).mp3]

Yasuharu Motomiya – Dark Brown (Original Mix) / Dark Brown / Grain Records
[audio:2010/0310/01 Dark Brown.mp3]

A Made Up Sound – Next (Original Mix) / Next bw Destiny / Subsolo
[audio:2010/0310/01 Next.mp3]

EQD – Untitled (A Side) / Equalized002 / Equalized
[audio:2010/0310/eqd - side a.mp3]

Oni Ayhun – Untitled (A Side) / OAR003 / Oni Ayhun Records
[audio:2010/0310/oni ayhun - oar03 - side a.mp3]

16 Feb 2010


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Design by Christian Calmer

Adrian Recordings has released Andreas Tilliander‘s new Ep a couple of days ago. For now it’s only available on 12″ vinyl. For those who want it digitally should wait till March the 1st to grab it on beatport.

For those who can’t remember Andreas from his earlier post on phase02. He’s a Swedisch dub techno master signed with Adrian Recordings, but also running his own label Repeatle. Andreas started back in 2001 with his debut album “Ljud” (2001) on the legendary electronica label Mille Plateaux.

Now enjoy the track “Medication” from his 4th release Showtime on Adrian Recordings.

Andreas Tilliander – Medication (buy vinyl now)

08 Feb 2010


5 Comments Dubstep, House, Techno

Marvul is a Canadian electro/house producer who has done an interesting remix for Barletta in the past. About a week ago he send us his four latest tracks and to be honest they were completely different as I expected. This time that’s good thing. I was expecting the same old fidget-like house you hear everywhere these days. But that was not the case. He ended up with a mixture of House, dubstep and techno. Here are two of those tracks. Hear for yourself and tell me what you think.

[audio:/0210/Marvul - Nano.mp3]
Marvul – Nano

[audio:/0210/Marvul - Pulsar.mp3]
Marvul – Pulsar