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20 Apr 2009


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On Friday I went to check out the Mutek tour, I really enjoyed myself for once in what seems like a long time. I was planning on taking some pictures thinking that there would be some good visuals to capture but i guess to get the whole package I’d have to experience Mutek in Montreal. Apparently over 50% of the attendees are people traveling to attend so there really is something special about it! No complains though really. danksoul and nrmls wlcm put together a fun night.

The major east coast Canadian cities have good communities for electronic music. I think that’s why in the world of Canadian electronic music, most of the good stuff comes from Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, etc. I Was reading a local paper – Vue Weekly, which did an article on mutek. It mentioned basically how eastern Canada is more receptive to electronic music but that maybe people abroad are becoming reinterested in dance music.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Inkwell are from Vancouver, but I guess they are apart of the exception ;) to be honest I didn’t pay much attention to them at first when I picked up the ‘Rain Or Shine‘ EP, but after seeing them live and learning about their story more i instantly felt a stronger connection with them. What sets Inkwell apart for me is their chemistry doing live PA, it’s really brilliant. Look out for releases from Inkwell on Archipel and Wagon Repair.

[audio:/0409/Inkwell - Liason.mp3]
Inkwell – Liason (Original Mix)

Claude Von Stroke – Whos Affraid Of Detroit (Audion Remix)

07 Apr 2009

TVRD046 / golem ep.

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Weki revive myth about Golem, celebrate naked women and wake up Tutanchamon!

Okay so their enlish isn’t great, but you will understand what ‘waking up tutanchamon’ means after having a listen.

Weki – Eyes Of Tutanchamon (Dub Mix)
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/Weki - Eyes Of Tutanchamon (Dub Mix).mp3]

weki myspace

31 Mar 2009

ARCH061 / runners high.

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Maxime Miville is a electronic music producer based in Montreal Canada. I couldn’t find any back catalogs of his work, or much information about him except that he is heavily influeced by the Boarder Community sound.
The Runners High EP features 2 original tracks and 2 remixes.

1. Dopamine (Original Mix)
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/01 Dopamine (Original).mp3]
2. Endorphin (Original Mix)
3. Dopeamine (Rico Cassaza Remix)
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/03 Dopamine (Rico Casazza Remix).mp3]
4. Dopamine (Rico Puestel Remix)

I wasn’t entirely impressed with the remixes because I feel like they didn’t capture the ‘essence’ if you will. You might agree that both treatments loose the melancholy vibe in favor of focusing on developing more complex rhythmic layers. I would have liked to see what Cassaza would have done with Endorphin. ;) Speaking of which, Rico Casaaza is starting up a new label himself and looking for demos.
Runners High is out on Archipel records as a digital release and is available on Beatport.

Maxime Miville myspace
Rico Cassaza myspace
Dinamoe myspace

27 Mar 2009

greetings from the great white north.

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I’ve been thinking about co-authoring on another blog for awhile, but picking a suitable platform to voice myself was crucial. The Belgian Techno House or just the’BTH’ are a group of artist’s and really great people; but the blog clearly had no future. This is unfortunate, because in the process of operating the blog for almost a year now, i realized my enjoyment for writing about and sharing music. Overall I had a great experience, but I’m very pleased with my new authoring position here on Phase02.

I decided to approach timic with the idea of a collaboration. I guess because of the name he figured I was dutch!
After chatting a bit and realizing that I don’t actually speak dutch, timic was sport to add me to the Phase02 roster ;)

I thought a great way to kick things off here would be with a chart of my current top 10 favourites in March. Towards the end of every month I will include a downloadable chart, just like the one bellow. The decision to make my chart entirely downloadable is however something of a double edge sword because sometimes certain deserving tracks won’t make the list. Hopefully this selection will give you an idea of some of the artists and labels I support and what you can look forward to in the future.

1. Audiojack – The Bends (Original Mix) / Jack The Keys / 2020 Vision Recordings /
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/04 The Bends (Original Mix).mp3]

2. Kolombo – Sniff (Original Mix) / Sniff EP / Turbo Recordings /
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/01 Sniff.mp3]

3. Amir – Epopoe (Original Mix) / Communicate / Trapez /
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/01 Epopoe.mp3]

4. Mini Mode – Face Drop (Original Mix) / 5 Minutes / 303 Lovers /
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/05 Face Drop.mp3]

5. Popof – Serenity (Noob Remx) / Serenity EP / Forme /
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/2-01 Serenity (Noob Remix).mp3]

6. Lily Allen – The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix) / ??? / Parlaphone / curtosey of datasapiens
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/Lily Allen - The Fear (Duke Dumont Remix).mp3]

7. Butch – Nomad (Mihalis Safras Remix) / Dark Fader / AFU Limited /
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/02 Nomad (Mihalis Safras Remix).mp3]

8. Telefon Tel Aviv – Worst Thing In The World (Jay Haze Remix) / Worst Thing In The World Remixes / Bpitch Control /
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/01 The Worst Thing In The World (J 1.mp3]

9. V.V. Brown – Leave (Style Of Eye Remix) / ??? / ??? / curtosey of curb crawlers
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/VV Gold - Leave (Style Of Eye Vocal).mp3]

10. Krazy Baldhead – Choppin’ (Original Mix) / Sweet Night EP / Ed Banger
[audio:/0309/Mp3_320/128 Blog Friendly/04 Choppin'.mp3]

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24 Mar 2009


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Again we’ve received something quite different from what we’re used to. And I’m saying “we” because I still hope my dear mate Polazoid is going to get back active sometime. So I’m talking about The Session, a new release on the ModyWorks record label produced and performed by SpenceGabor. If you like this relax minimal sound, it’s going to be in store on the 5th of May. For now I’ve got a quite exclusive preview of this project. Check it out!

[audio:/0309/The Session.mp3]
SpenceGabor – The Session

22 Mar 2009


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Subtrak Recordings, a digital techno label that’s been really stepping up their game the past few years with releases from Ryan Brogan, Christian Bloch, Alex Israel, The Pale & Tapir. They’ve recently releaded their 19th release, Mars, by Christian Bloch. And guess what, it’s been featured on Beatport.

While you’re checking out these tracks I want to share some short history facts about the label. DJs and producers, Ryan Brogan and Christian Bloch, started Subtrak in 2006 to showcase both their individual work and their collaborations. Subtrak’s first release, by Ryan Brogan, rose very quickly on the charts and the 1000 copy limited release sold out overnight. The current Subtrak catalog is comprised of twenty releases to date, and averaging 2 releases a month with new artists being discovered, there are no plans of slowing down. When the time is right, the Subtrak crew, including newly appointed label Manager and New York DJ/Promoter, Chris Alker, will return to the nighlife with their own events in the US and internationally. For now, growing the label and supplying turntable assassins with records that stand the will test of time is their goal.

With thanks to Chris Alker to provide this promo material and two awesome tracks to share with you guys.

[audio:/0309/01 - Subtrak 019 - Christian Bloch - Mars.mp3]
Christian Bloch – Mars

[audio:/0309/02 - Subtrak 019 - Christian Bloch - Whitespace.mp3]
Christian Bloch – Whitespace

Grab them at Beatport if you want to tune up your dj set with these bangers.

11 Feb 2009


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Here I am again with a new track from Per Hammar‘s new Blockbuster Ep, recently released on Playectra Records. He’s even so kind to share the head track of the release in 320. You might remember this guy from a couple of weeks ago when he released his first Ep Volta together with the Owl Vision remix. Anyway I’m so glad that I’ve discovered this Swedish master, because he’s been releasing some real beauties for in my gig mp3 collection.

Per Hammar – Blockbuster

Grab the other tracks at Beatport!