21 Jul 2010

Mr. Magnetik, Mokusch

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Here’s something for all you ravers out there! Monsieur Magnetik from Belgium has a new EP called Animatronik. It comes with three grinding synth driven tracks for anytime of the night or into the morning. First up is the EP’s namesake with a builder primed to jump start any party into gear. ‘Born To Rave’, with it’s jumpy rhythms and snare rolls will keep you marching into the wee hours just in time to drop ‘My Friend’ on the crowd to jolt the whole scene back to earth. Personally I’m a fan of the ‘my friend’ track, so take a listen to it right here and make sure to check out the other two tracks too!

Mr Magnetik – My Friend

Buy the EP right HERE

Mokusch, a project of 2 guys from Germany, has mailed us two fresh tracks. They’ve been a DJ-Duo for about 4 years, they call themselves “fictive brothers” and they create techno music with a minimalish flavour on top of it. The first track has a rather weird title((Die Wissenschaftliche Geheimpolizei Aus Madrid), btw I personally love weird titles, and it even has a woman speaking Spanish throughout it. This could be a great afterhours tune! The second track builds more to a central point and from there on you really get into the right vibe! It’s more of a floorfiller than Die Wissenschaftliche Geheimpolizei Aus Madrid
, and yes… I really had to mention that title again! Check it out!

Mokusch – Die Wissenschaftliche Geheimplizei Aus Madrid
Mokusch – Max Hold

written by Oli
Music journalist based in Ireland/Belgium.

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  1. Mr. Magnetik, Mokusch | PHASE02 – Love for art and music | All About Music says:

    [...] Go here to see the original: Mr. Magnetik, Mokusch | PHASE02 – Love for art and music [...]

  2. Artist says:

    I just like the color combination, it is great. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers. These colors I transform in paintings. Colors are my life.

  3. timic says:

    Nice post man. I was also planning on posting about Mr Magnetik :) Good job!

  4. Supernuts says:

    I remember when I first thought of the concept of being a producer, this blog some how landed in front of me. The very first blog I visited regularly from the blogosphere. (at the time didn’t even know what the blogosphere was) Thanks for broadening my horizons, you can catch me in Los Angeles where the sun rises and where sleeps for dreamers.


  5. timic says:

    Nice to hear Supernuts! We’ll keep doing our thing. Greetz from Belgium!

  6. Oli says:

    Yea, thanks for the kind words Supernuts!

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