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27 Jan 2008


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Keukengerei messaged some info about him and some of his tracks which I think are brilliant! This 16 year young guy from Netherlands makes me wanna dance. He started listening to Daft Punk when he was 8 years old and got introduced to electronic music that way. He’s been producing since 2004, but back then it just included sampling existing tracks. Now he is making tracks from the ground off, and he’s really getting nasty! watch out!

Keukengerei – G.A.K.

Ravage! Ravage! – Just another Lover (keukengerei remix)

26 Jan 2008

La Mode

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By timic

I received this email the other day from a new electrotrio called “La Mode” … I never heard of them before but curious as I am I check out their tracks. You know what … they really need a label fast! I want to spin their sound and make people crazy about their music. They just simply blew me away! I espacially love that remix of Magnets Digitalism. Check them out and you know what I mean.

La Mode – Salami

Digitalism – Magnets (La Mode’s Space Pirate Remix)

19 Jan 2008


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Funkabit, a young Italian duo, recently released their new EP Discount on the also Italian label Mozzarella Recordings. The Funkabit have been touring northern Italy for more then a year, putting up a great live set full of funkiness that resulted in a fan base growing after every date. Yeah … I can totally imagine that.
Their new track, Discount has been discribed as a straight to the dancefloor track mixed with a pure punk attitude underlined by a hip-hop vocal on a four to the floor piece of music. And to make the EP Complete they’ve added these awesome remixes of various types of artists, putting their own style in the original sound of Discount. Here’re some examples, you’ll immediately know what they mean with “growing fan base”.

Discount EP is available on DjDownload, TrackItDown and JunoDownload.

Funkabit – Discount (Original Mix)

Funkabit – Discount (Cerronza Remix)

Funkabit – Discount (Arbeiter Remix)

17 Jan 2008

let me back up, ok?

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I’ve mailed Don rimini about his new ep and he sent me a nice teaser. Its a bomb people. ho-ly-sh*t.

Release note:
“Don Rimini! Oh yeah, sounds like a henchman breaking bones with a baseball bat for the mob in a dark Brooklyn basement, or somewhere deep in Sicilia. Well, it’s almost that. Only that the only bones 31 years old Don Rimini aka Xavier Gassemann ever crushes, are those of partygoers on the dancefloor. And he does so with turntables & bass, and that energy and elegance everybody envies him, from Brooklyn to Sicilia. Getting into music during the late 80′s raves, he quickly found a residency in an obscure ghetto club of the 18th arrondissement in Paris. Those who were lucky enough to witness this will never forget: Don Rimini dropped house & hip-hop, doing unexpected crossovers between Jeff Mills & Mobb Deep, Dave Clarke & the Wu. It was a goddamn block party, something rarely experienced in the city of romance. Girls shaking sweaty asses, boys throwin’ hands in the air like they just don’t care, the kind of party you wanna be at.

With this well deserved dj money, Don Rimini went record hunting. Mainly techno, but also rock: The Strokes, The Hives & LCD Soundsystem are amongst his favourites, because The Don likes it fast. Today, this stack of influences makes him one of the most eclectic french djs around, which is something of an achievement in such a closed-minded country (oh my god he said something bad about La France!!!). Don Rimini likes brutal pieces, straight to the point, no bullshit stuff. Yes, just like a mob hit. He got the science of the ultimate track, the killer tune, “that” tune. Those who’ve experienced a night with Don Rimini on the decks know that he will never let your legs get a rest and that he gets people psycho-raving like only the English can. Pleasure of the dance is his mission.

Don Rimini started making music at the beginning of the new century, but it wasn’t until ’04 that this stuff got serious. In ’06, he appeared on a compilation with the track Let Me Back Up, a wild piece of electro that found itself quicky playlisted everywhere, and was followed by a first single, Time to Panic, a 4 track ep including the title Tutto Va Bene, a track doing big damage, calzone style! In ’07, at the top of the electro rise, he produces his second ep on Swiss label Mental Groove, Absolutely Rad, with Let Me Back Up as main track, finally seeing a proper release, as fresh and powerful as in the first day, boosted by remixes from the up and coming italian duo Crookers as well as the french rave godfather Manu Le Malin feat Lunatic Asylum aka The Driver & Justice’s roommates pop band Poney Poney. If you dare you will also love the tatami rumble earth shaking sound of Sumo & Geishas. He just played at the Transmusicales, alongside Boys Noize, Yuksek & Simian Mobile Disco. Nothing to add, the Don is here to stay, somewhere Brooklyn and Sicilia.”

By Pierre Siankowski

Don Rimini – Absolutely Rad Teaser

16 Jan 2008

Kitsune Maison Compilation 5

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There’s a new Kitsuné Maison Compilation! The fifth series of the seasonal Kitsuné compilations and it’s a gold one. This new great compilation contains exclusive and rare tracks from FISCHERSPOONEN, M.I.A, CAZALS, DIGITALISM, ALAN BRAXE, THE TEENAGERS, REX THE DOG, DOES IT OFFEND YOU, YEAH?, DAVID E. SUGAR, PIN ME DOWN, AUTOKRATZ, LATE OF THE PIER, DATA, FRIENDLY FIRES, BITCHEE BITCHEE YA YA YA, KID, BIG FACE, … out 4th February worldwide!!! I really can’t wait! You can’t wait either? You can pre order it on Rough Trade.

Check out the Kitsuné Maison 5 Minimix or download it HERE.

13 Jan 2008

En Masse

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Edited by timic

En Masse, the Italian electro duo has recently released their awesome debut EP. I don’t know what to say actually. Good soundsystem and this EP makes your crowd fly! For real!!!

En Masse – Lime

Big Mojo – Deep Passion (En Masse Remix)

EN MASSE EP available on beatport!

08 Jan 2008


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by timic

Alexander Eldefors, a 17 year-old boy from Sweden, has this extremely great talent for producing hard banging electro sounds. Guess what … He recently started his project Yellus and already finished his first tracks and remixes. I expect some great stuff in the future of him. He’s only 17 people … definitely worth keeping an eye on! Go check him out!

Yellus – Little Bit Of

Yellus – You Are

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Yellus Remake)