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26 Aug 2010

Skrillex Unreleased

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Skrillex/12th Planet @ Avalon/Control from Maicol Chavez on Vimeo.

For all the dubstep fans among the phase02 readers. This might be something to look forward to. 12th Planet couldn’t resist to blow up the speakers at Avalon/Control with Skrillex‘ unreleased “Scary Monster” and “Nice Sprites”. You know what I’ll let you know when it’s released. Until then you can enjoy this little video by And as a little bonus I selected some tunes of his free debut Ep “My Name Is Skrillex”. If you like it extremely distorted, you don’t want to miss this.

Skrillex – Weekends!!! (feat. Sirah)

Download The Skrillex Ep.

20 Aug 2010

Hostage – Roll

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Hostage – Roll from Nightshifters on Vimeo.

Hostage is back with two killer tracks! He’s released a new Ep “Roll” on Nightshifters. His first 100% free ep on this label! You can expect remixes of DJ Donna Summer, Figure and Samo Sound Boy. Enjoy Hostage’s more subtle “Roll”, but don’t worry he picks up his good old no-holds-barred-kicking-down-the-fucking-rave-door approach with his other killer track “The Ba$$”.

Hostage – The Ba$$

Download the whole EP now!

12 Aug 2010


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S-File,  from Bremen Germany, started his music career back in 1994 with his own radio show. Now 16 years later, and with all his experience, he’s producing high quality danceable music. His new double A side EP, called “Out of control” “Box Star” will be out on September 3 and will feature 4 superb new tunes. Besides the two title tracks, there will be remixes by Belgium’s Shameboy and the Cologne duo Wazabi. Expect some hard rollin’ electro beats, a lot of synths and of course the old school peak time moments. You can already check out the original “Box Star” here on Phase02 but make sure to check out the other previews too (Shameboy remix is huge).

S-File – Box Star (Original Mix) / Out of control | Box star / Guys N Dolls Records

S-File – Out Of Control // Box Star by Guys N Dolls

03 Aug 2010

Back on track

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I know It’s been way too long! I apologize for my inactivity lately. Let me make it up to you with a bunch of new amazing tracks. Due my absence I’ve received tons of mp3s in my mailbox. So we better get started.

Due the success of The Knocks‘ new release “Make It Better”, they decided to give away a free remix package. Here are some of my personal favorites. You can get them all on their soundcloud page.

The Knocks – Make It Better (DOM Remix)

The Knocks – Make It Better (Monsieur Adi Remix)

The Knocks – Make It Better (Samuel Remix)

Now for those who like it hard. I’ve got a JSK remix of Steve Angelo’s “Knas”. Turn up the volume! You like it or not…

Steve Angello – Knas (JSK ‘shake your ass’ Bootleg)

Oh we can go even dirtier! Enjoy Mashed Paper Klub and Wazabi. Let the intro continue, trust me, if you like it trashed, this is what you need to hear.

Mashed Paper Klub – Deus Ex Machina

Wazabi – Optimus

And another one from Pance Party to end this crazy dirtiness.

Pance Party – A Million Puppies

Of course after this heavy synth storm we have some quietness. Well … listen for yourself.

Karaskilla – Expreso Cali

I think we’ve probably selected the most varied tracks in one post. I hope you enjoy! To end this post I’d also like to tell you that phase02 will post more frequently again. So stay tuned!

21 Jul 2010

Mr. Magnetik, Mokusch

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Here’s something for all you ravers out there! Monsieur Magnetik from Belgium has a new EP called Animatronik. It comes with three grinding synth driven tracks for anytime of the night or into the morning. First up is the EP’s namesake with a builder primed to jump start any party into gear. ‘Born To Rave’, with it’s jumpy rhythms and snare rolls will keep you marching into the wee hours just in time to drop ‘My Friend’ on the crowd to jolt the whole scene back to earth. Personally I’m a fan of the ‘my friend’ track, so take a listen to it right here and make sure to check out the other two tracks too!

Mr Magnetik – My Friend

Buy the EP right HERE

Mokusch, a project of 2 guys from Germany, has mailed us two fresh tracks. They’ve been a DJ-Duo for about 4 years, they call themselves “fictive brothers” and they create techno music with a minimalish flavour on top of it. The first track has a rather weird title((Die Wissenschaftliche Geheimpolizei Aus Madrid), btw I personally love weird titles, and it even has a woman speaking Spanish throughout it. This could be a great afterhours tune! The second track builds more to a central point and from there on you really get into the right vibe! It’s more of a floorfiller than Die Wissenschaftliche Geheimpolizei Aus Madrid
, and yes… I really had to mention that title again! Check it out!

Mokusch – Die Wissenschaftliche Geheimplizei Aus Madrid
Mokusch – Max Hold

08 Jul 2010

Drop It 12

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via Baubauhaus

I don’t know how it is where you live but here it is summer and the sun is shining hard. I’m leaving to France in couple days, gonna enjoy the  summer even more, far away from the internet.. I thought it’s good time to pop some new tracks out there. I’ve been getting tons of messages the past few days. I really can’t keep up with them. But here’s a selection of my personal favorites. I bet you dig them to.

We start of with a brand new production by Graphics. If you’re a frequent phase02 reader you should already know him. Read more here and get his Naked Mario Kart remix here. He’s truly a huge talent and still very very young.

Stinger – Pleasure (Graphics Remix)

Next I’d like to share this Ellie Goulding drum ‘n bass remix by Messed. I love it because it reminds me of beautiful sunset moments on the beach. Enjoy.

Ellie Goulding – Lights (Messed Remix)

Kinetica Records has released “Boys & Girls” by Drlkt Freddie. Here’s the Disco Damage remix. You can find additional remixes by DJ Wool, Killer on The Dancfloor and Sick Boy over at Beatport.

Drlkt Freddie – Boys & Girls (Disco Damage Remix)

Don Diablo has created a crazy mash up with probably his most successful track “Who’s Your Daddy” and “Seven Nation Army” by the White stripes. Just have to listen to believe it. It’s probably been launched in the blogosphere by tons of other sites already. But here it is anyway.

Don Diablo vs. The White Stripes – Seven Nation Daddy

I’d like to end with this relaxing sound by VeemanJanssen.

VeemanJanssen – Put The Flage On

I wish you all an amazing summer. Let me know what you think about the tunes and what ya plans are for the next few (hopefully) sunny months.

24 Jun 2010

Night Of The Living Blog

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Okay, who asked for more dirty electro? This is gonna be the post you’ve been waiting for. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of this genre anymore. But I’ve been getting tons of (sometimes) quite decent dirty electro productions I couldn’t ignore them anymore. So lets get this over with. A week ago the label Buzzard Gulch, which is a division of Coco Machete, has released a compilation called “Night Of The Living Blog”.

The new compilation from Buzzard Gulch, Night Of The Living Blog, pits the dead against the living in a struggle
for survival. The tracks, nightmarish stormers from up and coming producers, have been hand selected to
represent best what’s bubbling just six feet underground. Chaos descends as just outside the fringes of the music
industry hordes of relentless bloggers populate a modern soundscape with a raw music culture reanimated.
Google tried to stop them, the ‘Industry’ has tried to stop them, but they keep coming back in a blood thirsty
lust for new sounds. THEY WON’T STAY DEAD!

Acces Denied – Great Trip

Recast DJs – Dancemachine

Available on Beatport.