13 Dec 2010

Drop It 14

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The “Drop It” posts have been returned vaguely changed from a small break. The only difference is that I’ve actually took the time to turn soundcloud inside out to find some top quality tracks instead of waiting for you guys to send some tracks in. I haven’t received that much great stuff lately. The reason might be that I still have to add the new dropbox button in our sidebar. Anyway let’s get on with my new discoveries.

First I’d like to start with some techno and minimal. I never heard of these guys, they’re completely unknown for me and probably for the most of you guys to. Give them a chance! Enjoy these talents!

Rodrigo Sonari – Casas Bahia Over

Nino Bua – Velvet Rope

Plastikman – Ask Yourself (Minimal Juri Remix)

Now to end the comeback of our “Drop It” series I found some amazing dubstep. Again totally unknown to me. Maybe you’ve heard of these guys. I hadn’t but they rock.

Soft Wasp – Delay The Fighting

RuOk? – Like That

written by Tim
A Belgian based graphic designer, who found his interest in electronic music back in 2007.

5 Responses to “Drop It 14”

  1. ynch says:

    great tracks, awesome finds. really like the first three

  2. malcolm says:

    Nerver heard of Richie Hawtin? aka Plastikman…
    +8 Records etc??

  3. Tim says:

    : Of course I know Richie Hawtin! I was talking about the remixer “Minimal Juri”.

  4. Tim says:

    no worries! I appreciate your comment ;)

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