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14 Jan 2009

the new shit!

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Hello guys. You probaly all remember this gameboy slamming headbanging madguy? well, Huoratron has some rad stuff coming in 2009. I dont know much about this. but hell, I know it will be good! check it out!

Huoratron – The new shit promo mix мебели

07 Jan 2009


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Ermann is a recent project created by FaccaOfCourse & The Infamous. They started to play gigs in clubs in Italy last summer. In october they decided to bundle they’re skills and styles and Ermann was born! They have already released a ep, called MoneyFastHoe and now they’re ready to play outside of the Italian borders! Loving this stuff right here. be sure to check it out!

Ermann – Kookoo

Ermann – Frictionnn

04 Jan 2009

Darling Farah

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First of all, hello, i’m back! I’ve been inactive for quite some time because i was too busy. But i have some more spare time now and that means time to share new artists and tunes with you guys.

I got linked to this guy by a friend, and i must say i think he sounds very interesting. Darling Farah aka Kamau is a 16 years old producer with Detroit roots. He started making music in ’06. Most of the time he made hiphop and experimental music. In 2007 he really got into electronic music and what it had to offer. He wanted to be apart from that. I personally think he succeeded in that. This doesnt sound like the 1000th artist with the same taste. Definately check out these tracks, they give me shivers!

Darling Farah – Watching

Darling Farah – Suicidal Tendencies

Also a little extra, a mixtape he made for trasher!

Darling Farah – Trasher Skate Rock Vol. 6

Darling Farah – Boxing
Popof – The Chomper (LSD Version)
Fischerspooner – Danse en France (D.I.M. Remix)
The Martin Brothers – Dum (Casanova & Jay-You Animales Remix)
Brodinski – Oblivion (Original Mix)
Fukkk Off – Rave is King (Le Castle Vania Remix)
ZZT – The Worm (Original Munich Version)
Darling Farah – Watching
Deadbeat – Grounation (Berghain Drum Jack)
Dubbel Dutch – Bass Power
Mr. Oizo – Hun (Trumpdisco Remix)
Darling Farah – Ratbyte (Demo Mix)
Hannah Holland – Hotsteppa (Hannah Holland Remix)
Darling Farah – Ratbyte (Outro)

13 Dec 2008


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CORNELIUS from borntofilm on Vimeo.

Dim Mak is going to release a new single of The Bloody Beetroots on the 18th of December. You can already check out the awesome videoclip. I can’t wait to get this track. What do you think?

31 Aug 2008


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Again they strike. The kids from Beens know what we like! Its a remix this time, but it really has got the Beens bug all over it! Big up for them!

Amy Meredith – Running (Beens Remix)

25 Aug 2008

It’s all about you

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For ages I wanted to post something about Brabe and finally I can! Brabe is a guy from Netherlands. He started producing 2 years ago when he meet René Van Munster at a youth orchestra, where he played alt violin, and René played the cello. They became good friends and on a certain moment Rene showed Brabe a music program. Since then he is aiming for the music he likes to make. Now they are big fans from Switch, Jesse Rose, … and try to give the world a new spin at house music. Check it out!

Brabe – Rubikon (bootleg)

Lex Da Funk – All About You (Brabe Dub)

Brabe – Summer 08 Minimix

20 Aug 2008


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I was browsing beatport when i stumbled upon this artist. Samuel Kleingries, known as Businessman, makes this pure electro inspired by the german blood that runs in his vains. He lives in Spain and has his own label called Luftwiderstand Records. He started making music when he was 16 years old. Now he’s making his own sound with logic pro and some kickass analog machines. Be sure to check this out, it gives me the shivers!

Buy this EP on Beatport

Businessman – Genau

Businessman – Steroid