02 Dec 2011

Rediscover: Mumbai Science

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ХудожникИконописикони цениAs you may have noticed phase02 hasn’t been active as usual the past few months. I deeply apologize for that! The good news is I’ve got some plans for phase02. This might be the last post before huge changes will find place. However this is not a regular post. This is the first “rediscover” post in many to come. Every week I’ll search for a track that has been released for a couple months or even years and we totally forgot about or didn’t receive the attention it deserved. This week it’s a bit of both.

I want to show you an amazing remix by Mumbai Science, which got overshadowed by a very impressive release of Alex Gopher a couple months back. Enjoy!

Alex Gopher – Invasion (Mumbai Science Remix)

Invasion/Virages on beatport

03 Jul 2007

The Game!

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ALEX GOPHER by timic

Alex Gopher has recently (Feb 26th) released a new album including the amazing track “The Game”. It really rocks and so do the remixes!

Alex Gopher – The Game (Flairs remix)

Alex Gopher – The Game (Eddy Temple Morris remix)

Buy it now at Phonica