05 Apr 2008

dmitry fyodorov

3 Comments Electro, House

Dmitry Fyodorov, once a great ice hockey player, now after nearly 30 years his soul has returned in the form of dark, distorted house music. Every 29th of 2008 Adrian Recordings will release a new track by Dmitry. It’s been the 29th of March and “Signal” the third tune of Dmitry has been released. Check out all the releases and buy them at Klicktrack.


Dmitry Fyodorov – Signal

01 Feb 2008

Bouncy Tunes 09

7 Comments Electro, House


Yay! I finished my exames yesterday. I’m feeling so goooood!!! And tonight all the clubs in Antwerp will know that to. I’ve selected some new Bouncy Tunes to get in the mood but most importantly to practice my crazy dance moves for tonight. Enjoy these tracks! Dmitry Fyodorov got me moving already! Yea I’d never heard of him either … and he’s the new star, shining brightly in the funky colored sky of Adrian records.

Dmitry Fyodorov – 1b-1

Janet jackson – Feedback (Jeremy Word Remix)

Tommy Trash – Slide (Sta remix)

Das Pop – Fool For Lve (Gaetan remix)

Kylie Mingue – In My Arms (Spitzer Remix)

I almost forgot to tell this, Mathieu and I are going to stream a 1 hour mix session at BPM.fm and it’s going to be streamed two times a month. This evening 12:00PM EST or 6:00PM our time (GMT+1). Check it out.

Timic and Polazoid - trasheater