15 Sep 2008

Dropt It 02

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We’re back from Amsterdam which was wicked. And we’re back with some crazy tunes to share. Our dropbox has  been receiving so much nice new tracks that we can barely follow it up. But it’s extremely great to discover tracks and remixes from still very hidden talents who want to come out of the shadow and show off their sounds. We’ve again got again a really awesome collection this time.

We’re gonna start off with the French duo Underhall who have made such nice remixes lately. One of them is Young and Stupid of the Dreamer. You should check out the original to, they really changed into an hard banging trashy electro track that’ll make people bounce on a dance floor.

Dreamer – Young and Stupid (Underhall Remix)

Secondly We’ve received a new remix from Saint Pauli which you might know from earlier posts. Enjoy their new remix!

Egotronic – Raven Gegen Deutschland (Saint Pauli Remix)

Okay hold on the next one is a remix of California of the legendary 2Pac by Dj Big Nasty. This track already ended up in the top5 popular tracks on Hypem. So for the Djs out there … it’s proved that it is loved. It sounds a little too clean for my taste but I always appreciate the part when the claps come in.

2Pac – California (Dj Big Nasty Remix)

Now here’s the bonus. Disco Villains gets Ludacris on the in the clubs and Pola-Riot from Austria trashes up Bunny Lake.

Ludacris – Move Bitch (Disco Villains Remix)

Bunny Lake – Into The Future (Pola-Riot Remix)

written by Tim
A Belgian based graphic designer, who found his interest in electronic music back in 2007.
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5 Responses to “Dropt It 02”

  1. Tony/Edit....from the Disco Villains says:

    thanx for the love son…….. keep up the good work….we hope to play amsterdam sometime soon too………jajaajaj pari on………. myspace.com\thediscovillains

  2. bud says:

    fantastic rmx by polariot!
    this track from originally bunny lake kicks ASS!!!

  3. roswell says:

    hell good stuff…

  4. timic says:

    More coming up! ;)

  5. dj harry says:

    all i got to say is 2pac is big every were even dj on power 106 play that jam

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