21 Feb 2011

Sunday Afternoon

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Sjalom all! I’m in quite a relaxed mood today, therefore don’t expect to find any uplifting, in your face, “omg too much bass” material in this post. Instead, sit back, relax and enjoy the following beauties.

First up, a new Goran Tech production called “One Way EP” which is already his 5th release on Artefact records.
The track you can find below is called Space hero, in my opinion the coolest of the three. It has a very funky feel because of the jazzy trumpet chords and the flanged vocals. Still, because of the drum rolls you can also feel kind of a bouncy touch in it. It’s also the ideal tune to use in a set to keep the crowd going and to build up to something new… overall: great stuff! Buy here.

Goran Tech – Space Hero / One way EP/ Artefact Records

“Black Noise”, the latest album of Hendrik Weber, aka Pantha du Prince, made a deep impression on me when listening to it for the first time. All the tracks consist of very special sounds that Hendrik and his collegues “found” on a field recording session. Add some original taps, hits and knocks on self made instruments and there you have it: 11 splendid, subtle, often dreamy technotracks. Below you can find the third track of the album (you’ll immediately hear the special sounds he used). You can also find a remix by Animal collective. Buy the album here.

Pantha du Prince – The Splendour / Black Noise/ Rough Trade
Pantha Du Prince – Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective Remix)

I’m also a huge fan of Bonobo these days! The latest album, called Black Sands, is the fourth studio album of UK based Simon Green (alias Bonobo). The interesting thing about this full-length is that it has a pretty complex style. Obviously there is an electronic influence with some downbeat and hip/trip hop but very often you can hear some future-jazz and even dubstep in it. And then there are also the vocals of Andreya Triana on three tracks which makes the album explore the hidden land of electro-samba. In all, I think we can best call it chillout/ downtempo because that’s what you can feel in most of the tracks although I actually don’t like to make these genre divisions for you, that’s up to you…
Overall, this… is much more than only muzak in hipster cafés!
Check out the following remix of the fourth track which is not on the album. It gives the original a more baile funk, UK funky garage feel… Buy the album here.

Bonobo – Eyesdown (Warrior-One-Remix) / Eyesdown/ Ninja Tune

written by Oli
Music journalist based in Ireland/Belgium.
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