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13 Sep 2010

Wira, Dejan Dex

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By Victor Tango; Half virgo half libra, disturbing

News from Edinburgh! Wira, Hostage’s new alter ego, has released 2 new tracks. They’re being released by the brand new Phuturelabs label from Glasgow. The track you’ll find below has some recognizable and popular “Afrojackish”, “pon de floor” characteristics but it still is special enough to deserve a place right here IMO. It has a darker and more underground feel than the usual “happy” Hostage stuff.

Wira – Playground / PL001 – Wira/ Phuturelabs

Right, something more funky now. Dejan Dex aka Dejan Talevski is these days considered to be one of the most talented producers in Macedonia! His sounds go from deep house to tech house and techno. Now Artefact records has released the “Fuel Up The Beat EP” which contains two very funky tracks! The track below will certainly make your head move, hell, it will be hard to not shake your asses on the dancefloor when this one kicks in! Buy it HERE!

Dejan Dex – Give it to him / Fuel Up The Beat/ Artefact Records

02 Jul 2010

Samuel L. Session – Can You Relate

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via BauBauHaus

It’s HOT! Yes, I Mean the weather. It’s actually 32°c outside and I’m inside blogging about an even more hotter subject. Samuel L. Session, the Swedish Techno hero has brought out a new remix Ep of one of his most succesful “Can You Relate”. I bet you head over to Beatport right when I tell you the remixers on this release. New versions of “Can You Relate” were created by Jorin Voorn, Slam and Anja Schneider. Here’s the link to spare you some time: Click to buy on beatport!

To be honest it’s actually the second remix Ep they did on “Can You Relate”. And I’m actually so late on my facts that there’s already a new release by Samuel called “Inner City Dust”. Anyway he rocks! Check ‘em out!

Samuel L. Session – Can You Relate (Anja Schneider Remix)

05 Jun 2010


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by Stijn Van Assche

5 days too late. I know. I make it up to you with this incredible varied chart. I’ve found some amazing techno, dubstep, electro, house, etc. It’s all in there. Now I’m gonna aim my speakers out the window and enjoy the sun with a nice cold beer. Check out the chart and buy their music. Oh yeah before I forget, notice the new audio players. Let me know what you think. Now go grab some tunes.

Noazi – Astasia Abassia (Binkie Version) / Astasia Abassia / Dopefish

Dub Elements, Venganza – Dirty Job /Ringcraft / Downbeat

Mladen Tomic – Before Sunset / Before Sunset/ Definitive

Alessio Mereu – Never Forget / Minimal = Maximal /  Tretmuehle

Etienne De Crecy – Welcome (Pablo Decoder Remix) / Welcome / Pixadelic

Kruko – Kry (DNA Exchange) /DNA Exchange /Genesa

17 May 2010

in the mix 003: Thomas Dockx

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It’s time for a new exclusive mix. This time from a local techno hero Thomas Dockx. He’s quite a young talent from around Antwerp deejaying his way to the top. Currently he’s very busy organizing his dance event project “Kazzino”. So I was lucky to get him to do an exclusive phase02 mix and make some time for a quick interview.

phase02: Hi Thomas! How are you doing? Tell a little more about yourself and how you started as a dj/producer?

Thomas: Hi Tim, I’m fine, just a little bit tired after a long weekend.. I am now seventeen years old and I’m playing music for almost six years. It all started very small at my room. I played a lot of different styles and there was no structure in my sets. A few months later I discovered the online music store Beatport. Thanks to beatport, I learned a lot of new dance music. My love for techno and minimal was born.

phase02: You’ve played at some quite amazing party events and clubnights. You’ve finished your 4th track. Ever considered to join a label?

Thomas: Maybe in the future .. Today I still prefer deejaying. The songs that I’ve made now are not finished yet. I have to add and modify details.

phase02: I’d describe your music choice and production as a subtle and simplistic part of the tech-house and techno genre? How would you describe your music?

Thomas: Yes indeed, I play deep house to techno, depending on my mood and the place where I’m playing. The search for new good music takes a lot of my time.

phase02: You’re also spinning with your friend Nicolas under the alias Flat Fish. How’s that project going? Do you prefer playing alone or with two? Is your track choice any different?

Thomas: The project is going well. Nicolas is one of my best friends, we’ve already been through a lot together. It’s fun playing together and have someone to fall back on. But I also enjoy playing alone. Usually I play slower and deeper.

phase02: Nice to hear that! How do you see yourself (or flat fish) as dj/producer in a couple years? Do you have any big plans?

Thomas: No big plans.. We are organizing parties in and around Antwerp. In a few weeks our concept Kazzino will take place in Cafe D’Anvers.

phase02: What’s your opinion on the today’s electronic music scene in general? Do you like the way the mainstream evolves?

Thomas: I don’t really know what to think about the music these days. Many people of my age listen to dubstep and electro. I don’t know why, but that music has never touched me.

Okay Thomas! Thanks a lot for this interview and most importantly the amazing dj set you’ve recorded for us.

Now enjoy Thomas Dockx’ exclusive phase02 mix presenting some of the best techno, minimal, tech and deep house in the scene. These 55minutes  is a must-have recording for everyone who appreciate some warm, deep and relaxing beats. Not to mention Thomas’ smooth mix style that finishing of this lovely mix.

Thomas Dockx – Phase02 In The Mix 003 (54:55) (myspace) (soundcloud)
Download here (mediafire)

03 May 2010


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This chart is on me. Tony is bit busy with other stuff at the moment. He’ll be back active soon. Meanwhile I’ll try to keep up with Tony’s amazing charts. The following tracks are my personal favourites of last month. I highly recommend to check out Tretmühle if you love good techno and tech-house. They’ve assembled the best underground productions in several amazing releases so far.

Before you enjoy these tracks, I’d like to make our phase02 readers warm for a huge update coming up. You may have noticed a lack of activity lately. Don’t worry. Phase02 will soon be more vivid than ever.

Also thanks to everyone who entered our poll. It seems we’re doing a pretty good job providing original tracks and producers. That’s what I’m aiming for with this post. Let me know if I succeeded. Now enjoy!

Leeks – The Guy Had A Gun (Original Mix) / The Guy Had A Gun / FHD

Ruckspin – Get Naked (Orignal Mix) / Jibber / Ranking Records

Gino, Snake – Metro Area (Original Mix) / Analogue Tapes / Tretmuehle

Wedge, Aesoteric – A Night On The Wonk (Gemmy Remix) / A Night On The Wonk / If Symptoms Persist

datA, Kingsin – Baggage (Original Mix) / The Visitor / Deep Soul Music

Norman – Moms (Original Mix) / Connected Volume 3 / Tretmühle

James Harcourt – Unpleasant Surprise (Original mix) / Unpleasant Surprise / Form

24 Apr 2010


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Aight, time for some minimal again! Today’s spotlighted tune is called Machma and was produced by Minisub a.k.a Minimal T., a very talented guy from Berlin!
The track has an extremely steady build-up and at some point you wonder whether something new will come in or not. Then suddenly it gets going and it really turns into, wat the Germans would call “eine saubere tanzflurnummer”, a superb tech housy “shake that booty” track! Absolutely love this one!

Minisub – Machma

Also check out the following April mixtape by Minisub, it has a couple of very interesting tracks in it!
Minisub – 2010 April Mix by minisub

Oh and yes, keep on voting on the poll (see previous post!)

19 Apr 2010

The Wallet

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Our friends over at Magnetron in Amsterdam, home of Le Le and Rimer London, keep bangin’ in out and it doesn’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon. We’re back now with the first track from their new sublabel Instant Replay for somewhat mindless clubbangers, but needless to say, they may be mindless, but they’re still brilliant. The first release is by B.R.U.C.E. and is called The Wallet, to celebrate money.

What can I say. Le Le and Rimer London starting up a label. That has to be good. B.R.U.C.E (Billionaire – Rambunctious – Under – Circumstances – Extraordinaire) simply confirm that feeling. Enjoy The Wallet and the TWR72 remix.

B.R.U.C.E. – The Wallet (Original)

B.R.U.C.E. – The Wallet (TWR72 Remix)