01 Feb 2008

Bouncy Tunes 09

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Yay! I finished my exames yesterday. I’m feeling so goooood!!! And tonight all the clubs in Antwerp will know that to. I’ve selected some new Bouncy Tunes to get in the mood but most importantly to practice my crazy dance moves for tonight. Enjoy these tracks! Dmitry Fyodorov got me moving already! Yea I’d never heard of him either … and he’s the new star, shining brightly in the funky colored sky of Adrian records.

Dmitry Fyodorov – 1b-1

Janet jackson – Feedback (Jeremy Word Remix)

Tommy Trash – Slide (Sta remix)

Das Pop – Fool For Lve (Gaetan remix)

Kylie Mingue – In My Arms (Spitzer Remix)

I almost forgot to tell this, Mathieu and I are going to stream a 1 hour mix session at BPM.fm and it’s going to be streamed two times a month. This evening 12:00PM EST or 6:00PM our time (GMT+1). Check it out.

Timic and Polazoid - trasheater

30 Dec 2007

Bouncy NEW YEAR Tunes

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Edited by timic

It’s almost New Year’s Eve. I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t know how it is where you live, but I’m going to the city and it’s going to be huge party upthere. A night starting off with great fireworks and nice little bottle of champaign, surrouned by my best friends and thousands of party people ready to make the clubs unsafe. Before all that lets just all get in the mood with this special extra big selection … tracks which are going to make you bounce to the new year.

Love&Police – Computer Musik

Brodinski – Bad Runner (Crookers Gone Electro Remix)

Shane Fontane – Saturday Night

fRew – Call Of The Crow (RedOctober Edit) (REMOVED)

Maskinen – Alla Som Inte Dansar

Bolt Action Five – Think Fast (Cool Kids Can’t Die Remix)

Kiki – The End Of The World

Depeche Mode – Master & Servant (En Masse Sweaty Rework)

Daft Punk – Technologic (Hope Gots My Hands Up Desolate Remix)

Deadmau5 – The Reward Is Cheese


24 Nov 2007

Bouncy Tunes 06

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bouncy tunes by timic
image edited by timic

Finally I found the time to select and post the new Bouncy Tunes. Our 6th part but I promise you … still a lot to come. This week I’ve selected tracks I almost forgot and just some new random kick ass sounds. I’m not going to tell you which I forgot and which are the random new sounds, just to spare me the embarrassment. Enjoy these new Bouncy Tunes! By the way, don’t you think this image rocks!?


Alter Ego – Chicken Sag


Fergie – Glamorous (Phinz Remix)


Keatch – U Have To Love Me


Xinobi – Sonda


Hanayo – Joe Le Taxi

04 Nov 2007

Bouncy Tunes 05

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bounce by timic
image by timic

It’s time to start bouncing again. I think I did a pretty good job in selecting some happy dance tracks together with some banging electro sounds. Enjoy it, I don’t have much to say. But stay tuned for some featered artists … I mean in the music AND design world. Now update your tracklist with these fine sounds.

VHS Or Beta – Burn it al down (Surkin remix)

Alex Kid – Come With Me (feat. Lisetta Alea)

Sexual Earthquakes In Kobe – Dance Music (The Toxic Avenger Remix)

Rio – Race Is Set (Napsugar Remix)

Easy D. – Elmos Song

30 Sep 2007

Bouncy Tunes 03

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Bouncy Tunes 03
image by timic

Sorry that I’m so late with this 3 edition of Bouncy Tunes! But I selected some pretty sweet tracks to help you through the weekend. Some tracks to make some sweet little dance moves with your rolling desk chairs or just to forget work and school when you get home!

Robert Babicz – Crystal Cystle

Tiefschwarz -Ghostrack (Shonky Remix)

Interpol – The Heinrich Maneuver (Paul Epworth Phones Remix)


Will I Am – I Got It From My Mama (Blaze & Vezilla’s Dirty Mamas In The Backroom remix)

Tailspin – Radio