30 Dec 2007

Bouncy NEW YEAR Tunes

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Edited by timic

It’s almost New Year’s Eve. I’m really looking forward to it. I don’t know how it is where you live, but I’m going to the city and it’s going to be huge party upthere. A night starting off with great fireworks and nice little bottle of champaign, surrouned by my best friends and thousands of party people ready to make the clubs unsafe. Before all that lets just all get in the mood with this special extra big selection … tracks which are going to make you bounce to the new year.

Love&Police – Computer Musik

Brodinski – Bad Runner (Crookers Gone Electro Remix)

Shane Fontane – Saturday Night

fRew – Call Of The Crow (RedOctober Edit) (REMOVED)

Maskinen – Alla Som Inte Dansar

Bolt Action Five – Think Fast (Cool Kids Can’t Die Remix)

Kiki – The End Of The World

Depeche Mode – Master & Servant (En Masse Sweaty Rework)

Daft Punk – Technologic (Hope Gots My Hands Up Desolate Remix)

Deadmau5 – The Reward Is Cheese


written by Tim
A Belgian based graphic designer, who found his interest in electronic music back in 2007.
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13 Responses to “Bouncy NEW YEAR Tunes”

  1. Bouncy NEW YEAR Tunes says:

    [...] Bouncy NEW YEAR Tunes Kiki – The End Of The World. Depeche Mode – Master & Servant (En Masse Sweaty Rework). Daft Punk – Technologic (Hope Gots My Hands Up Desolate Remix). Deadmau5 – The Reward Is Cheese. NOW I’M READY FOR 2008! ARE YOU? Share This … [...]

  2. espador says:

    Best tunes ever! :o

  3. Tomas says:


    Maskinen – “Alla som inte dansar ar valdtakts man…”

    Not sure if you understand Swedish, but here goes:

    “Everyone not dancing are rapists… during the hours of 12-5am”

  4. timic says:

    hahahaa :D thx for the translation man :D

  5. ra says:

    love the depeche mode mix =D
    happy nu year

  6. nicko says:

    loving the deadmau5 lately. sick stuff.

  7. Tomas says:

    no prb :D

    finding a lot of good tunes thanks to your blog and your excellent blog-roll, keep it up!

  8. redoctober says:

    Look, an edit by me!

    Hehehe :D

    Hope mine and others tunes brought 2008 in well for everyone!


  9. Steven Andrew says:

    Thanks for the great tunes!!!

  10. Torq says:

    Thx mate your Bad Runners remix is Nice :p

  11. Torq says:

    hey gasten net te zien dat het in het nederlands ook kan. top werk. verzamling vette muziek die hier staat. Mijn bek valt ervan open. Keep up the good work.

    Btw: het design is ook echt helemaal mijn ding. hopelijk leest ge dit nog want het is al van december geleden dees artiekeltje

  12. timic says:

    ja man ik zie al de laatste comment direct als ik inlog!
    Bedankt voor de complimentjes, wij doen ons best een mooie selectie te maken en wat design betreft … we’re totally into it !!! :)

  13. Tomas says:

    hehe, came across this video of Maskinen – Alla som inte dansar ar valdtakts man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yexeBCx7oow

    Saw it at over at this blog: http://palmsout.blogspot.com/2008/03/everyone-whos-not-dancing-is-rapist.html

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