09 Dec 2008


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First of all I want to apolagize for last time when I called Rynecologist “a duo”. Who he is not. I really have no idea where I got it from. Anyway, We’ve received two new tracks from Ryne, who’s one guy, who does it al by himself. He made this really awesome jamming remix of Last Christmas to get you guys in the mood for holidays. Rynecologist rocks! Oh yeah and don’t forget to check out his videos on myspace. As a designer I noticed that he’s kick-ass animator to. Go go go!

[audio:/1208/last christmas_wham_rynecologist christ-must-jam.mp3]
Wham! – Last Christmas (Rynecologist Christ-must-jam)

[audio:/1208/a milli_lil wayne_bootybitchslap remix.mp3]
Lil Wayne – A Mili (Rynecologist’s Booty Bitch Slap Remix)

24 Nov 2008


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The New York based artist A-ux, is deeply interested in experiencing emotional and surreal music. Inspired by the electronic compositions, he sets out to capture some of that energy and intensity with electronics and computer. From an early age, his classical background in piano and his experimental attitude allowed him to achieve a good balance between musical and technological aspects. While growing up with a diverse musical style, he tends not to draw upon solely on one influence.

I’ve selected two tracks of this amazing artist. Check out his myspace for more and don’t forget to give him a cyber-hug from us.

[audio:/1108/A-ux_-_Neon Generation.mp3]
A-ux – Neon Generation

[audio:/1108/A-ux_vs_monosurround_-_Cocked_Locked_Ready to Rock Remix.mp3]
A-ux vs Monosurround – Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock Remix

17 Nov 2008

Trash Yourself

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We’ve got some good news from Trash Yourself again. They’ve released a new track a couple days ago and we’re allowed to spin it and most importantly to share it. Yeah, you read that right, this is some real high class dirty electro in 320, free for all the DJs and electro fans out there.

Trash Yourself – Forget It

And as a bonus I give you this awesome remix of Surkin and Rye Rye who mixed this already kickass track of John Bourke who’s for those who didn’t know the male half of Trash Yourself.

John Bourke – Hoes Get Down And Shake It (Rye Rye vs Surkin Remix)

07 Nov 2008

Bluebird and Rays

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We’ve got some news from our dear Australian synth masters La Mode. They’ve released two new tracks which we’d love to share of course. I remember I woke up that morning, checked my mails and discovered these two tunes. In no time I was doing crazy little dance moves in my boxers. Yeah, 9 o’clock in the morning, that must say something. Here they are Bluebird and Rays, wonderful combination.

[audio:/1108/La mode - Bluebird.mp3]
La Mode – Bluebird

[audio:/1108/La mode - Rays.mp3]
La Mode – Rays

05 Nov 2008


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Hi, I’ve recently got introduced to surprisingly wicked tunes from new guys in the scene called Audiostalkers.

In July 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden a group was formed from two superproducers and a highclass DJ.

Taking influences from both the underground fidget scene and the high energy electro of 2007, the Audiostalkers have developed their own style of electronic party music.

Throwing out tracks and remixes thick and fast, the Audiostalkers have now become in demand for their high energy party music on the live stage.
Their first live performances have been an outstanding succes with many more requests for the future.

Now check these tracks and fall in love. Go go go!

[audio:/1108/Audiostalkers - Sex.mp3]
Audiostalkers – Sex

[audio:/1108/Audiostalkers - Rock hard.mp3]
Audiostalkers – Rock Hard

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30 Oct 2008


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Right now you should be a very happy lucky reader. And you’re about to find out why. Yeah Continue reading it’s getting interesting. I’ve received an exclusive track of our Australian friend DiSTRAKT. Actually he has send it more then once. And you know what? The first version was like a totally different track then it is now. But “wow” this producing talent has done a hell of a job tweaking it because the final result is banging!

For the DJs out there, this little fellow is a 320 and It’s riot on the dance floor guaranteed. Check out how DiSTRAKT has uses his distortion magic on the sound waves this time! Although we’re not responsible for the consequences. Here you go!


Now go give DiSTRAKT some myspace love!

04 Sep 2008


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Check out how lucky you are by just visiting PHASE02. We’ve an exclusive track to share with you. We received this amazing banging track of the Amsterdam based duo HOMEWORK. And oh yeah, like always these guys love it hard. So can I say more? The title says it all!

HOMEWORK – Gunpowder Plot