09 Dec 2008


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First of all I want to apolagize for last time when I called Rynecologist “a duo”. Who he is not. I really have no idea where I got it from. Anyway, We’ve received two new tracks from Ryne, who’s one guy, who does it al by himself. He made this really awesome jamming remix of Last Christmas to get you guys in the mood for holidays. Rynecologist rocks! Oh yeah and don’t forget to check out his videos on myspace. As a designer I noticed that he’s kick-ass animator to. Go go go!

[audio:/1208/last christmas_wham_rynecologist christ-must-jam.mp3]
Wham! – Last Christmas (Rynecologist Christ-must-jam)

[audio:/1208/a milli_lil wayne_bootybitchslap remix.mp3]
Lil Wayne – A Mili (Rynecologist’s Booty Bitch Slap Remix)

written by Tim
A Belgian based graphic designer, who found his interest in electronic music back in 2007.
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