05 Nov 2008


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Hi, I’ve recently got introduced to surprisingly wicked tunes from new guys in the scene called Audiostalkers.

In July 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden a group was formed from two superproducers and a highclass DJ.

Taking influences from both the underground fidget scene and the high energy electro of 2007, the Audiostalkers have developed their own style of electronic party music.

Throwing out tracks and remixes thick and fast, the Audiostalkers have now become in demand for their high energy party music on the live stage.
Their first live performances have been an outstanding succes with many more requests for the future.

Now check these tracks and fall in love. Go go go!

[audio:/1108/Audiostalkers - Sex.mp3]
Audiostalkers – Sex

[audio:/1108/Audiostalkers - Rock hard.mp3]
Audiostalkers – Rock Hard

*Links fixed

written by Tim
A Belgian based graphic designer, who found his interest in electronic music back in 2007.
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5 Responses to “Audiostalkers”

  1. be rad says:

    Rock hard mp3 is wrong

    i’m diggin’ these beats tho

  2. timic says:

    omg … :D fucking confused! thanks man! :) FIXED!

  3. cleareye says:

    This sucks so bad, from the fidget scene? they got it all wrong!

  4. Big Mick says:

    Yo cleareye, I heard some of these guys other tracks and I can assure you many of the other ones are fidget, it is just that these one happen to be of the more electro varety.

    ‘Fidget AND Electro’

    Check out rapid girl for a good example.


  5. timic says:

    Yea thanks Big Mick. You’re right about that. It’s kinda my mistake to maybe … Also some of their remixes are more fidget-like then electro …Thanks for pointing that out!


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