12 Jun 2007

Monday afternoon

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I was bored monday afternoon, so I made this spontanious mixtape. One of my 4th try on it. I’m pretty happy with it though I ‘ve made some stupid mistakes, hope you van forgive me. But I promise you … it will be much better next time ! It’s a mix providing you a lot of great electro tracks and remixes from some of my favourite underground producers and djs.

Monday afternoon mix. – Timic (30:37 min)


Balazko – Beautiful day
The Amplid – Plugin (Lovely Chords remix)
Noir – I don’t understand house music (noir ’07 club remix)
Solee – Different (Roman Salzger remix)
Yelle – ACDG (Tepr remix)
Yazoo – Don’t go (whorehouse remix)
Jacknife lee – Making me money (switch remix)
Tony Gomez – Burn
Under the influence of Giants – In the clouds (linus loves club remix)
Livin’ Joy – Dreamer (Dove Nightmare remix)
Just Jack – Writers Block (thomas gold remix)
The looze Cannons – Raw (Kissy sell out remix)
Ida Engberg – Disco Volante (Sébastien Léger remix)

written by Tim
A Belgian based graphic designer, who found his interest in electronic music back in 2007.
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5 Responses to “Monday afternoon”

  1. Ines. says:

    Nice job, babyyyy !
    Ma kzal wel een danske make op een ander lieke, iet da wa minder lang duurt ofzo :p

  2. Fist says:

    goei schijfkes jom!!
    van u foute moet ge lere e, kmaak ook nog foute ze maar ja se ik kan ni voorbeluistere e.
    nice pic again

  3. Espador says:

    klink wel leuk :p
    Yup is vet gedaan !! meerrrr!!!

  4. Tyler Darko says:

    404 not found.

  5. timic says:

    fixed, thanks for the report ! ;)

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