06 Jun 2009

Empire Of The Sun Remixed

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Empire Of The Sun are dominating the world. Anyone can see that and also do the remixers. Thanks to them the most popular band of the world gets their tunes on the dancefloor too. I’ve made a quick selection of some of the best remixes launched in the blogosphere the last few days. Check out how electronic artists cut up and distort Empire’s magic sound.

[audio:/0609/Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Screendeath Remix).mp3]
Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Screendeath Remix) (myspace)

[audio:/0609/Walking on a dream(Flak Attack remix).mp3]
Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Flak Attack Remix) (myspace)

[audio:/0609/Walking On A Dream _Kids At The Bar Remix_.mp3]
Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Kids At The Bar Remix) (myspace)

[audio:/0609/Walking On A Dream (Clash The Disko Kids and Ming Lo-Fi Dreamy Remix).mp3]
Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Clash The Disko Kids and Ming ‘Lo-Fi Dreamy’ Remix) (myspace)

Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Danger instrumental Remix) (myspace)

Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (LAZRtag Remix) (myspace)

[audio:/0609/Empire Of The Sun-We Are The People (Burns Remix).mp3]
Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Burns Remix) (myspace)

written by Tim
A Belgian based graphic designer, who found his interest in electronic music back in 2007.
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33 Responses to “Empire Of The Sun Remixed”

  1. FLRGNSM says:

    Nice !


  2. tonyharrow says:

    ahhh flak attack remix sounds like it has so much great potential in the first 2 minutes

  3. mariaaa says:

    uuuuu! so many!!!! :D

  4. timic says:

    yea couldn’t make up my mind :)

  5. Empire Of The Sun – Walking on a Dream « NAGGEN.DE says:

    [...] Phase2 findet Ihr die besten Remixes. Noch mehr gibt’s bei [...]

  6. Son of Vader says:

    & here is another one

    EOTS – We Are The People [Son of Vader Rmx]


  7. timic says:

    Great remix man! Thanks! ;)

  8. Udy says:

    I have a remix of Walking on a Dream too, just waiting on a master, will buzz it across to you when done mate!

  9. Dale Cooper says:

    Salut, les gars ! Je vous ai ajouté au blogroll du blog auquel je contribue, parce que 1) j’aime votre blog 2) je le trouve beau et 3) pour vous remercier de m’avoir gentiment aidé avec mon problème de lecteur flash !

    Merci encore, Dale pour HMiT.

    P.S.: here we go http://www.highmaintenancetlse.blogspot.com

  10. timic says:

    hehe no big deal. I’m gonna add yours in a minute! cya around! ;)

  11. IAN FRANCE says:

    The Kids At The Bar remix is my favorite XD

  12. Edward says:

    yes, get the udy kmb remix up


  13. Dale Cooper says:

    @ timic. Very nice from you – again! Let me know when it’s done, please.

  14. timic says:

    btw … good luck with you hectic world Ian! ;) Wish u the best!

  15. Udy says:

    Haha, nice to find somebody else bigging up my tracks. Thanks dude.

    Peace to you as usual Timic!

  16. DI says:

    where can i get the kids at the bar remix?

  17. timic says:

    It’s in the post! I don’t get it. Are you guys serious? Just “right-click- save as”. It’s a direct link, even easier than zshare or whatever hosting website. Enjoy!

  18. timic says:

    yeah man! :D It’s like the 20th time people ask me that!

  19. Udy says:

    I have a bit of code which forces the download when people left click the link. Seeing as you have flash players too would you like it? Then you wont ever get that question asked again, haha!

  20. timic says:

    please mail me that code! :)

  21. Udy says:

    Just mailed you, hope that helps!

  22. martha says:

    u forgot the treasure fingers remix

  23. timic says:

    Oh is there one? I’d like to hear it. :)

  24. martinrjr says:

    how can i get the lazrtag remix? please anyone help im going crazy trying to get that remix!. please!

  25. timic says:

    dude it’s in the post. Just download it :) Please don’t say you don’t know how to download it … It’s the most easiest thing “right click – save as”


  26. martinrjr says:

    the save as doesnt come out??? =\

  27. martinrjr says:

    ive already tried that i right click but that link of save as doesnt come out!. i need help!.

  28. timic says:

    just “right-click” the link under the player and you’ll see “save target as” or “save link as”. if you’re a mac user and don’t have the right click option configured, press “ctrl-click”. It works don’t worry :)

  29. martinrjr says:

    IT WORKED!!! =D
    awesome…wow this is a great website thanks timic i believe your the creator??? well thanks alot!

  30. Udy says:

    A series of LOLs are due.

  31. timic says:

    no problem man you made me smile ;) somehow haha!!! And yes I’m the creator!

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