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26 Jan 2011

Eller time

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It’s not a secret phase02 is a loyal fan of the young German Nicolas Eller. We’ve been following him for almost a year now and have posted several tracks by him. However last couple weeks we simply can’t keep up with him. Track after track he slowly returns into a music machine. I’m not sure wether that’s a good thing or not. What I do know is, that these two remixes are both top notch tech-house production.

Mike Sanchez – lisa (Nicolas Eller Remix)

Oliver Diestelmann – Coco Lores (Nicolas Eller Remix)

22 Jan 2011

Planeta Z

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A.G.M! & Qüintrix! What? I agree! This could be the welcome message of a time traveling alien. It’s not though. It’s the alias of two Spanish based producers over at Unusual Sound. You have to admit, these names aren’t exactly promo friendly. You’ll probably don’t even remember them after you read this post. Or maybe you do… Let me tell you this, I think this track actually might be good enough to remember these guys. A.G.M! & Qüintrix

A.G.M! & Qüintrix – Planeta Z

25 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas from Phase02 and Alex Wizz

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design by Klement

Yesterday Oli surprised us with an early Christmas gift from Hog and Kiani with exclusive mixes for phase02. Today it’s my turn to reveal my special Christmas gift. A couple days back I was browsing the world wide web until suddenly I stumbled on an artwork a designer colleague made for a Promo cd called “CODE”. First of all it’s because of this sexy design I discovered this promo release. Next I simply couldn’t resist to find out more about this. Before I realized, I was chatting with Alex Wizz producer and founder of Electrecords. This project is on-hold for now, but will return in the future. Anyway Alex Wizz is a mindblowing sound wave ninja. I know I’m not a writer, but seriously, this record label is something to keep your eye on. I’m so impressed by the whole branding and the marvelous yet undiscovered releases that I couldn’t resist to share this with you even though Electrecords is asleep right now.

It’s time to unwrap your present! 320 material! Merry Christmas!

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23 Dec 2010

In the mix 004: 2 exclusive mixtapes!

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Image via Hobogestapo

As an  early Christmas present, we would like to present to you guys two brand new exclusive mixtapes made by two friends of Phase02!

The first one was made by Berlin based Daniel Gorton a.k.a. Hog, who already passed here in november with his first EP called “Not quite an albatross” (check it again here). It’s a superb mix, partly because of the excellent track choice but also because of the way it was mixed together! This is how he describes the mix himself: “It’s quite eclectic and journeys through various styles of techno and house with a touch of electronica.” Hit the “read more” button below to see the playlist…

Hog – what the goose (Phase02)

Then we got Thomas Neyens a.k.a. Kiani & his Legion. He was also featured here a while ago (right here) and now he delivers yet again a steamy 4 hour set which brings us a flood of deep house and techno! Here’s how he describes the result: “The mix includes old and new tracks, I didn’t really prepare it beforehand or edit it afterwards, I mixed it on low volume, so cut me some slack, don’t expect an ultrapolished ableton ‘whoop whoop’ sonic orgasm. It’s just simple house, reminiscent of the true culture of the night, when the DJ was still human…” From driving tech-housers and exotic grooves, to jackin’ stuff, but still with that deliciously deep, clubby vibe. If you would like to know a track ID, do leave a comment.

Kiani &his Legion – freeze mix (Phase02)

I highly recommend you both of these tapes, you simply gotta love them! Oh yes and before I forget, Merry Christmas to you all! Read more

04 Dec 2010

Back On Track #2

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Again it’s highly necessary we write a new “Back On track”. We’ve skipped tons of great tracks lately. This post is the perfect occasion to share these tunes with you. Again a wide range of genres are covered. Let us know what you think. Spoiler alert! You can find all the tracks inclusive the official Don Diablo feat. Dragonette – Animale video. check it out!
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26 Nov 2010


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Via Hobogestapo

Here on Phase02 we’re always open to a lot of different genres. So this post is dedicated to the beauty of music in general! You’ll find some techno, tech-house, dubstep and even eurodance! So go on, don’t wait, start reading!

Swedish producer Tony Senghore has released his latest EP this week, called Score! It features six great techno electro’ish house tracks. The following tune, called “Ravers March”, is also part of the EP. It starts a bit hesitatingly with a piano doing the intro but it steadily builds up to a superb beat! Buy the whole EP right here!

Tony Senghore – Ravers March / Score EP/ Fat! Records

I Feel Love is the newest EP of Electrosexual & Mz Sunday Luv. Electrosexual, who has recently worked with Shunda K. (of Yo! Majesty), Peaches, David Carretta, Kiko & Scream Club, now teams up with Berlin’s wild multi-artist vocalist Mz Sunday Luv. The featured track here made me think of Kosheen meeting Miss Kittin in a forrest with Proxy playing some beats in the background. It’s also a form of eurodance I think, if that ever was genre, which to me always sounded pretty weird actually.. do check it out! The whole EP, that features 5 tracks, was released on november 15th. You can buy it here!

Electrosexual & MZ Sunday Luv – More than my time / I Feel Love EP/ Rock Machine Records

The brand new EP from Kraddy, called Labyrinth, was digitally released on November 9th. For those of you who are not so familiar with the name Kraddy, he’s a former member of L.A. based The Glitch Mob and known for his experiments with music genres. Labyrinth, released in collaboration between Alpha Pup Records and Minotaur Recordings, is a crowd moving EP loaded with powerful rhythms, epic symphonics, and savage gauntlets of body-throttling bass… a style Kraddy likes to call, “Led Zeppelin 3000.” The 5-track original collection includes elements of hip hop, dubstep, dancehall, and rock that are woven together to create a brutally pounding EP. The featured track here is called “into the labyrinth” and will most certainly make your head go up and down! Oh and do turn your speakers up to actually feel the track! Buy it here!

Kraddy – Into The Labyrinth / Labyrinth/ Minotaur

To end, I’d like you guys to have a listen to the latest The Advent track. I don’t have the permission to post it here but do check out the video! It has been released on the “Kombination Research” label and the EP also features two tracks of Minimal Rome. This is good old techno my friends! Also big up to Pedro Delgardo of Yin Yang Records for playing this track during his radioshow and therefore keeping me up to date! Buy the EP here!

22 Nov 2010

Boeoes Kaelstigen – Lou

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I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty relax. Anyway we have received two brand new tracks from Adrian Recordings. Desolate is a first taste of the Scandinavian minimal trance duo Boeoes Kaelstigen’s album debut “Tanum Teleport” which will be out November the 24th. Secondly we have a Mowgli remix of the second taster of “Tanum Teleport” called Lou released by Discobelle Records.Seems like Adrian and Discobelle have teamed up for this project. I can’t wait to hear the complete album in a couple days. What about you?

Boeoes Kaelstigen – Lou (Mowgli Remix) (buy on beatport)

Boeoes Kaelstigen – Desolate View ft. Stefan Storm (buy on beatport)