21 Feb 2009

Kun Os

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We’ve received some news from RuNT Records. RuNT got the opportunity of remixing Kun Os, a dynamic and super energetic copenhagen dj/mc duo consisting of Jens Fokkin and Rita Blue for their track TIK TOK. There’re four remixes in the release, by GOOFY RA:SKL, Mr PheR and two very different remixes by PoinG. Check it out!

The Poing is truly poppin with this remix. With a more traditional house construction, he uses cool chops of the best vocals & a bouncy bassline with an infectious squeaky synth which almost talks to you.

Kun Os ft. SOHO – Tik Tok (PoinG’s poppin Remix)

Grab it all at Beatport, Juno, DjDownload or TrackItDown.

16 Feb 2009

Loud Party

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Last week I received a new remix by Loud Party. I’d never heard of him before, but after hearing how he turned Ludacris’ One More Drink in real fidget-style dancefloor material, I couldn’t resist to check him out. He’s a L.A. based unsigned dj/producer and has remixed other big names like M.I.A., Stab Attack and Rod Lee. You can grab these other remixes on couple of other blogs, check out hypem or his myspace to find out which ones.

Some real Ludacris fans will probably hate this track, but I don’t mind. Loud Party cut up the vocals and created a brand new track around it. If you dig the fidget sound, you’re going to like this! Enough talking! Just check it out and give him some love.

[audio:/0209/Ludacris- one more drink _Loud Party Remix_.mp3]
Ludacris – One More Drink (Loud Party Remix)

09 Feb 2009

Drop It 05

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After a quite busy weekend with a cheap local party and dj-ing at a private birthday party, I’m now back without a hangover and ready to post some awesome tunes we’ve received in our mailbox or through our Dropbox account. Due lack of spare time and most importantly the incredible huge amount of emails and tracks we receive we just simply can’t write a single post about each artist. So that’s mainly why this Drop It series come in handy.

I’m gonna start off with Don Diablo, one of the most demand remixers of the moment. I selected his remix of Walter Meego‘s forthcoming single Girls which he has beefed up with dirty bassline sounds and heavy breaks to make the crowd go crazy.

[audio:/0209/Walter Meego - Girls (Don Diablo Remix).mp3]
Walter Meego – Girls (Don Diablo Remix)

Secondly I want you to introduce to Mustard Pimp, another French electro genius, who has recently released 3 tracks free to download in 320. One of them is his remix of Mo Do’s 90s classic Ein Zwei Polizei. I can’t wait how to see the crowd reacts when hearing these famous vocals. Check out his myspace for more free tunes.

[audio:/0209/Modo - Ein_ Zwei_ Polizei _Mustard Pimp Remix_.mp3]
Mo Do – Ein Zwei Polizei (Mustard Pimp Remix)

For the next one I don’t really have words. Like an image, a sound is worth a thousands words too. Right? Or maybe one word is enough. Banging! JFK and the Chewy Chocolate Cookies!

[audio:/0209/A-TekfeatVanScott_Nightlovers_ChewyChocolateCookies_JFK_Remix .mp3]
Alexander Technique feat. Van Scott – Nightlovers (CCC & JFK Remix)

Next up is the famous sound of Mr.Oizo remixed by Pink Is Punk. This upcoming Italian duo is releasing their first Ep Double Trouble. Keep an eye on these guys. History have told us Italy creates some of the best in the electronic music scene. Enjoy.

[audio:/0209/Positif _Pink is Punk Remix_.mp3]
Mr.Oizo – Positiv (Pink Is Punk Remix)

Last but not least I give you a brand new remix by Reflex. They’ve congratulations from Franz Ferdinand himself for their version of Ulysses.

Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Reflex Remix)

05 Feb 2009

The Disco Villains

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It’s time for some new Disco Villains. Well if you’ve been following them around you should have noticed these tracks already on few other blogs already. Anyway these tracks are part of a quite unique project for their live shows. They try to producing an exclusive intro for every state/city that they play in. For example the Disco Jalisco intro was made for Jalisco Mexico. It holds a good place in their hearts and I don’t think the tequila has anything to do with it… Next time if you have the chance to see the Villains live, just go! Now enjoy these tunes!

[audio:/0209/The Disco Villains - Jalisco _Intro No.3_.mp3]
The Disco Villains – Disco Jalisco (I love Tekila Intro)

[audio:/0209/Lil Flip - Game Over _The Disco Villains RMX_ _Intro No.2_.mp3]
Lil Flip – Game Over (The Disco Villains Fck That Intro Remix)

03 Feb 2009

Owl Vision

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In the post about the Volta track by Per Hammar I told you we’re gonna hear more about Owl Vision soon. And here I am again. Not so long ago I received an amazing remix from this Swedish talent. Back then I also figured out you can find a complete free album on his myspace. If you haven’t clicked through to his myspace yet – I’m giving you 10 more seconds. Because you’ll be clicking it as a madman after hearing the first few tunes a little lower in this post.

The album I’m talking about blew me away within seconds. Seriously plug the owl vision sound into a big sound system and his heavy simply genius roaring bass lines will make your crowd fly. Now check out this tunes and enjoy!

[audio:/0209/Owl Vision - Comorbid.mp3]
Owl Vision – Comorbid

[audio:/0209/Owl Vision - Dancing Remix.mp3]
Owl Vision – Dancing Remix

[audio:/0209/Owl Vision - Ba ba ba (Miss Li).mp3]
Miss Li – Ba ba ba (Owl Vision Remix)

29 Jan 2009

Stereoheroes Gift

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Woot! The Stereoheroes decided to give away free high quality 320s to blog and share with the world. Also thanks to Djedjotronic at Boys Noize Records who asked to remix their remix to help him promote his release The Dirty & Hard EP that will be available on BNR on February the 2nd, so stay tuned. Secondly they remixed Kick It by Zigone feat. Nina who’s also on the second compilation of Some Tunes on Basserk Records.

[audio:/0109/Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty and Hard _Stereoheroes Remix_.mp3]
Djedjotronic feat. Spoek – Dirty and Hard (Stereoheroes Remix)

[audio:/0109/Zingone and Nina - Kick it Stereoheroes Remix.mp3]
Zingone & Nina – Kick It (Stereoheroes Remix)

26 Jan 2009


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Today I want you to introduce to a couple nice young newcomers from Belgium.I’m talking about Voltronixx. They’ve been experimenting with producing  electro music for nearly a year. They haven’t done more then a couple of small local parties. So now you’re thinking: That’s not really spectacular why do you want to share this with us? That’s easy! Even though they haven’t got much experience, they’ve made quite a nice track lately. Also their version of Raven by the Proxy isn’t bad either. And to be honest I just like their easygoing spirit. They’re cool! Enough arse-licking, time to check out their sound.

Voltronixx – Xcuse

[audio:/0109/Raven RMX.mp3]
Proxy – Raven (Voltronixx Remix)