25 Jan 2009

Palms Out Sounds Release

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You might now Palms Out Sounds as a popular music blog but it’s also a quickly growing label. After a big success with AC Slater’s breakthrough hit “Jack Got Jacked” in 2008″ – they’re now back with two amazing new releases.

First up: a talented trio from Melbourne, Digital Manges – who have just released their debut single “Give Me A Reason” with a slew of huge dancefloor-ready remixes from crowd exciters Clark Able, Mightyfools, Douster, Headshotboyz, & Mike Genius.

[audio:/0109/Give Me A Reason (Douster Remix).mp3]
Digital Manges – Give Me A Reason (Douster Remix)

Grab it at Beatport or iTunes.

Next up is the debut from New York City art-house prince, Leif, with his standout gem, “Black Magic” produced by Harrison Schaaf. The release features a slew of great remixers from New York and Sweden- from Stay High, The Touch ft. Lina, Carli, and newcomer, Nipples.

[audio:/0109/Black Magic.mp3]
Leif – Black Magic

Grab it at Beatport or Juno.

Thanks to Palms Out Sounds.

19 Jan 2009

Cold Blank

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Mr Gaspar and Big Na$ty, both well-respected producers from California, together they are Cold Blank and because of the release of the film Notorious, they felt it was appropriate to remix Notorious B.I.G. because he’s one of their favourite artists of all time. The remix presents Cold Blank with its heavy bass-lines all the way through apart from one minute pure original Hypnotize. Enjoy! If you’re wondering … Yeah I really enjoyed making that image!

Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize (Cold Blank Remix)

14 Jan 2009

Some Tunes 2

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Oh yes! We’ve received some new updates from Basserk Records. The small, but incredible awesome punk electro label from Amsterdam has recently released their second edition of Some Tunes. We’re talking about a 16 carat diamond with 16 killer tracks from various Basserk artists.

This compilation provides tracks by: 3-1 (NL),  Lucky Goat (NL), Transformer di Roboter (D), $jammie the Money (NL), Nobody beats the Drum (NL), MilkMoneyMaffia (GL), Three cheers for Dirty (F), Lazy Late Kids (NL), Gtronic (B), Quick & Brite (NL), Fantastadon (USA), Capacocha (NL), Plemo & Rampue (D), Monkey Maer (F), Vince The Prince (NL), Bronstibock (NL).

After this compilation you can now expect a new release from Basserk very soon. 3-1 has been very busy remixing 13 tracks which they are finishing right now. They hope to release this remix album somewhere next month. You should really keep an eye on this one. 3-1 has given their own touch to tracks by: Detroit Grand Pubahs, Transformer di Roboter, Krause, Lilian Hak, Elle Bandita en The Moi non plus, and more…

Basserk has also planned quite some amazing events in the first half of 2009. These will be announced in our sidebar in time. The first coming up is the Rated X festival Afterparty, which is going to be banging !!! Not only because Polazoid and me are in the line up but also HOMEWORK, Transformer Di Roboter and Ricky & Rulo.

Now here’s a little taste of the diamond I was talking about:

Gtronic- Wuble

The Moi Non Plus – Hahaha (3-1 Remix)

Grab it on Beatport. It’s also available on cd, iTunes and other online music shops.

13 Jan 2009


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Per Hammar, a Swedish upcoming producing talent, released his new EP Volta. Along side his original mix this release comes with a magnificent remix of Owl Vision. This last one is also from Sweden and added his own personal happy housy flavour to Hammar’s banging original. Keep an eye on these guys. You definitely gonna hear more about them. Now check out these two 96 versions and then just move on to beatport to grab some 320s.

[audio:/0109/Per Hammar - Volta.mp3]

Pet Hammar – Volta (Original Mix)

[audio:/0109/Per Hammar - Volta (Owl Vision Remix).mp3]

Pet Hammar – Volta (Owl Vision Remix)

Grab it at Beatport.

10 Jan 2009

Don Rimini & aUtODisco

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Again we’ve received quite some banging email this week. One of them was sended by aUtODisco which is a project of aUtOdiDakT & John Disco from Traktor Records who ‘ve been working on a remix of Hools by Don Rimini and decided to launch it in the blogosphere. Am I glad they did that. This is one must-have 320 for all the Djs out there.

[audio:/0109/Don Rimini - Hools _aUtODisco Remix_.mp3]
Don Rimini – Hools (aUtODisco Remix)

27 Dec 2008

Huoratron & Distrakt

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Our dear friend Distrakt from Australia has recently released his new remix of $$ Troopers by Huoratron. Who doesn’t want to hear that? Two of the dirtiest electro producers mixing their sound to one uberdirty remix. The track that got Huoratron famous, cut up and even more distorted by Distrakt. I think Huoratron should release a remix EP. There’ve been released so many awesome remixes Enjoy!

[audio:/1208/Huoratron_Troopers _Distrakt Remix_.mp3]
Huoratron – $$ Troopers (Distrakt Remix)

And as a bonus he’s given us another new production Nightcrawl.

Distrakt – Nightcrawl

26 Dec 2008

Hoshina Anniversary

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Not so long ago I received a whole bunch of tracks of this Japanese electro producer known as Hoshina Anniversary. I’ve to be honest with you, I’d never heard of this guy ever in my life. But I curious as I am I checked him out. I don’t know anything about him. But after listening to his music I know he’s got a lot of potential and really knows how to make really nice roaring basslines. Eventhough his productions sometimes kind of  sounds a little cheap, I mean it doesn’t sound really complicated. It’s hard and banging and the basslines does it all.

I’ve selected two tracks and one Chromeo remix. These really describes his style and If you dig him and you accidently own a record label… He’s still unsigned!

Hoshina Anniversary – Bratevak

[audio:/1208/9 Years.mp3]
Hoshina Anniversary – 9 Years

[audio:/1208/Call Me Up (Hoshina Anniversary Remix.mp3]
Chromeo – Call Me Up (Hoshina Anniversary Remix)